Tokyo reports 8,026 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 49,172


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Sunday reported 8,026 new coronavirus cases, down 76 from Saturday and up 127 from last Sunday.

By age group, 1,576 cases were in their 20s, 1,480 in their 30s and 1,267 in their 40s, while 1,0240 were aged between 10 and 19, and 1,352 younger than 10.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 29, unchanged from Saturday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 484, down five from Saturday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 49,712. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Kanagawa (4,098), Osaka (3,652), Saitama (3,560), Chiba (2,668), Fukuoka (2,376), Aichi (2,254), Hokkaido (2,145), Hyogo (2,010), Ibaraki (1,454), Okinawa (1,153), Hiroshima (1,080), Shizuoka (939), Kyoto (909), Niigata (896), Nagano (732), Mie (630), Okayama (622), Kagoshima (610), Miyagi (573), Tochigi (545) Fukushima (531), Gunma (501), Miyazaki (493), Gifu (483), Shiga (482), Nara (481), Kumamoto (442), Oita (422), Aomori (411), Nagasaki (389), Iwate (385), Wakayama (328), Kagawa (324), Yamaguchi (298), Ishikawa (293), Ehime (278), Akita (252), Saga (227), Fukui (220), Yamanashi (196) and Yamagata (159).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 39.

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I continue to be amazed at the doomsday predictors on here ( especially one repetitive guy) that seem to think the only way to survive Covid is to take a dozen vaccine shots and lock yourself in your house for the next 10 years or so. I live in America but my wife (who is Japanese) and I also have a condo in Kobe Japan where i live when Japan allows. I am NOT vaccinated and along with many of my friends have no intention on taking a experimental drug that has been proven to be useless in eliminating Covid 19. One shot, two shots, three shots, now heading to four shots; where does this end?! I am NOT anti- vax i just have little trust in a drug that is untested, doesn't work, and is protected by politicians so common people can't find out whats in it for 50 years and cannot sue the manufacturers. My wife did take the first two shots and on the second one ended up in the hospital for two days hooked up to a EKG machine after having heart problems. Japan has been a mask wearing society for ever and in the 20 years i have traveled there it has been common to see people wearing them yet the infection rate stays up. I'm sure being crowded into trains like sardines has nothing to do with it! Covid will remain part of our lives just like the flu from now on so people should just use common sense and wash your hands and avoid people showing signs of being sick; just like you do with the flu or other diseases! In conclusion everyone should live their lives as they want and stay the hell out of other peoples business! Regardless of your stand on this mess at least be respectful of others choices and stop the BS idea that if others don't fit your narrative they are "putting others at risk" !

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Like I say.. a sheltered life. A lot of hate and a cursory understanding of the current economy to go with it. Thanks for clearing that up.

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I would suggest people make their own decisions for how they’d like to conduct themselves with covid, because the reality is there will be no lockdown, there will be no harsher SOE, restrictions will not be introduced or increased moving forward. Japan is following the way of the rest of the world besides China. If you are still concerned, which is your right, make your own judgements. Others are happy to follow the guidance set by the gov surrounding everything, and no one should be chastised for doing so by anyone who thinks they know better.

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As for the economy …. Precisely what’s wrong with the economy in Japan? What damage has Covid done to the economy? I have zero sympathy for these bar owners that collect their monthly welfare payments and still charge thousands of yen per liter for drinks …. If they didn’t save for down times …. Shame on them…. We the general public have had to get by …. We didn’t fold …. Or I didn’t.

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

I didn’t sweep anybody into a group. The jgov states that 80% of the population is vaccinated. I only know of 1 person who brags about being anti vaccines and anti everything that is constantly spreading patently false information and recommending people should OD on vitamin D. If you’re in that 20% of anti everything…. You’re in the minority. I get up and go to work everyday. I’ve been fortunate to only have 1 job the entire 11.5 yrs I’ve lived here. We’ve got 2 kids in college here now and our youngest just started high school. Since someone mentioned 1st responders and healthcare workers, if the minority would get with the program , those healthcare workers could get a much needed break with fewer hospitalizations…. Right ? See…. We agree ! But as for failing businesses … bars and restaurants… boohoo…. They’re receiving corporate welfare to have their doors shut . And what y’all aren’t comprehending about bars /restaurants is that when we go grocery shopping, we’re in and out …. When you go to the bar or restaurant….. you’re there much much longer …. Right ? See we agree again. Public transportation…. That’s on the jgov …. We keep having all these worthless SOE’S that do nothing . Can’t force people to want to change their irresponsible and selfish behaviors. And no … going to work is not irresponsible…. I guess unless you’re a host …. Also …. Do you drive here? Or in any country for that matter? There’s strict rules of the road … right ? Speed limits… red lights…. Imagine if there were no rules that were enacted to stop people from dying in accidents or drastically reduce the number of serious accidents…. Right ? Same can be applied for Covid …. We really haven’t had any draconian restrictions as some whine on and on about.

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Big numbers in Okinawa, and Ibaraki.

This is far from over.

Japan needs a hard lockdown, combined with its restrictions on international visitors.

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The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 29,....

What symptoms are they and what ages are the patients?

This is never mentioned in the mainstream media.

The reality is that the infected elderly and those with underlying symptoms are being used to terrify most of the Japanese population.

It is appalling!

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Lol what is sarcasm

5 ( +5 / -0 )

What do you expect people to do? Lock themselves at home? Is continuing to go to work to support yourself and your family being “irresponsible?”

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people are apathetic,

that’s what you get for people putting the same repetitive comments about numbers & tests every day for over two years

-3 ( +5 / -8 )

Keep on with the strawmen, Steven.

If you believe there have been no restrictions in Japan, you must enjoy quite a sheltered life or not have your roots put down here.

Not every rule is written in Japan. The quasi restrictions were enough to cause many small businesses to slowly choke out and completely change the way of life. There is no end in sight to the damage caused.

Please stop with your imaginary minority as people just want to rebuild their lives and the economy.

-1 ( +5 / -6 )

There has been zero significant progress in getting people to change their reckless behaviors. It’s still that 20% or so …. The minority that won’t make any common sense sacrifices. Won’t get vaccinated to help minimize stress on the healthcare system with hospitalizations that would more likely than not be unnecessary should an infection occur. Those that are anti everything as related to Covid. Constantly whining about restrictions when the reality is…. We haven’t had any. As for the border , Kishida and Co are following sound science not just wishful thinking to keep tight border controls in place . As long as the numbers even though slowly are trending upwards or flat , the only thing that’s gonna change is the next SOE will be sooner than later. Compliments of the naysaying minority. It’s a good thing the Japanese people don’t read what most of you post here .

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McCarthy completely ignores the fact that there has been significant progress in treatment.

it’s not as dire as it once was and believe me, there will be no State of Emergency or lockdown. So no point in calling for one. That ship has sailed.

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19 days in a row down here where the numbers were higher than reported for the previous week. Hospitalization rates are over 40% and the "per 100,000" numbers have been the worst in Japan for 2 weeks or so.

No one seems to give a crap anymore..... people are apathetic, just like so much other crap here that gets regurgitated time after time after time!

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Japan has done incredibly well throughout this and has access to world class vaccines, medicine, and generally adheres to government advice and masks. Covid is not going away, there is nothing more than can and should be asked of us here. The only country locking down (and still losing the battle) is China, everywhere else is moving on and Japan should do the same. Still crossing my fingers for tourists sometime this year for summer celebrations!

-3 ( +8 / -11 )

Steven Mccarthy

FFS factcheck; severe cases survival rate is over 50% not under 5%.

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Based on my symptoms, I think I was repeatedly infected since March 2020. However, since February 2022 I feel almost back to normal. I think the worst is past. I am glad we have a variety of strategies such as vaccines, drugs and diagnostics.

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There will be no more SOEs!

-1 ( +8 / -9 )


I don't think people would follow any kind of stronger SOE. You only have to look at the self centred behaviour of many these last two years.

Maybe we have to accept that there's nothing that can be done to stop covid spreading.

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29 is the number on ventilators . Chance of survival less than 5%. The major reason case numbers aren’t plunging as many have falsely predicted is because of the mindset of “move on” “ get on with life” “open up” “lift restrictions” with over 200,000 known active cases , all those anti everything as related to Covid should get the mindsets ready for the next SOE. Hopefully a SOE with some teeth that bites . Not some worthless urging.

-6 ( +12 / -18 )

Time to stop counting!

-5 ( +10 / -15 )

Same as overseas it's pretty much just bouncing along. 29 hospitalized in Tokyo is no cause for great concern at this stage. Time to live life before the next mambo comes along.

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