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Japan reports 75,966 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Friday reported 75,966 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 8,636 new cases, down 189 from Thursday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 26, unchanged from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 326, down 38 from Thursday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (5,690), Aichi (5,244), Kanagawa (4,784), Saitama (4,783), Chiba (3,636), Hyogo (3,250), Hokkaido (2,996), Fukuoka (2,810), Hiroshima (2,366) and Shizuoka (2,133).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 177.

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the trend is your friend and the trend is down!

open up, move on, mask off!

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Only 9% lower than the same day a week ago and 30% down from two weeks ago.

Really slowing down now, it may even swing up again shortly but with a smaller peak and fewer deaths/serious cases than this 7th wave.

Safe to say we got through this with about as few unnecessary deaths as we could reasonably control without destroying society as we know it, and that we can now safely move forward with inviting individual foreign guests into the country without caps or requirements, without compromising healthcare.

Hope those who are at-risk or want it will get the opportunity to take the new more effective vaccines soon and that those with long covid get adequate care now that the healthcare system has been able to relax a little.

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Wow! We are heading towards the right direction! Thank you!

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The latest “hospitalization” stats dropped from the Jgov this evening.

The nationwide stats thru 9/14 are:

Active cases: 738,000 cases  , down from 1.3 mil

Truly “hospitalized”: 24,407 out of 48,088 beds. 51% occupied. Down from 65%.

ICU: 1109 out of 5556 beds. 20% occupied Down from 24%.

Hotels(No doctors/nurses here) 10,952 out of 68,968 beds. 16% occupied. Down from  30%. 

Total corona beds available in hospItal + hotels=123,000

Home recuperation: (No doctor/ nurses here) 590,000.  Down from 1.06 mil.


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BUT and I mean a BIG BUT... China is not expecting an end anytime soon. In fact earlier this year Chinese and US scientists predicted that China risks just over 1.5 million COVID deaths if it drops its tough zero-COVID policy without any safeguards

Yes, on average Covid-19 has a .1% death rate. China's population is just under 1.5 billion so do the math. Not that surprising.

I mean we could send them free Pfizer and Moderna but no one can confidently say (without resorting to large amounts of wild speculation or coping) those will actually do much.

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Are these numbers the new norm? Stuck on a lower plateau…. The drop in new cases seems to be more of a drop in nationwide testing … The alarming numbers are too many unnecessary deaths each day … the actual numbers of people hospitalized is still way too high … through yesterday… these are the real numbers as supplied by the jgov.!.

Hospitalizations 831,189

Change from previous day -40,054

While it’s better than it was 3 weeks ago , the healthcare system is still completely collapsed….

Luckily … for the vast majority of responsible people, the newer vaccines are around the corner .!. I’d recommend the marginalized minority of highly irresponsible people to get vaccinated, but you’re rightfully not eligible in Japan.!. Keep safe responsible people.!. Mask up when necessary… get vaccinated/ boosted when possible.!. Follow the 3 C’s.!. The end might be sooner than later but we’re nowhere remotely close to it . Drs don’t stop surgeries half way …. Firefighters don’t stop when the fire is partially put out . Be responsible people .!.

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And the fall continues despite no need for any measures whatsover (which do nothing anyway).

It's like it was entirely predictable. Thoughts with the fear mongers who were calling for long downs or suggesting healthcare had collapsed. Painful times I know.

Now let's lose the masks. Kids have suffered enough. Why on earth are they still forced to wear them when they are not at risk and neither are adults who are vaxxed to max?

Unless the vaccines are just not working against the milder variant? Seems so. Can't have it both ways.

At least those at risk can try their fifth vaccine now which is supposedly more effective against the milder variant. Though obv will not prevent catching the virus. Never did.

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Nobody is saying Covid is ending in fact it’s quite the opposite Covid is here to stay it seems that’s the whole reason it’s endemic…. People need to actually learn the definition of endemic….


(of a disease or condition) regularly found among particular people or in a certain area.

"complacency is endemic in industry today"


(of a plant or animal) native and restricted to a certain place.

"a marsupial endemic to north-eastern Australia"


an endemic plant or a

This means hospitals need to improve their info structure for those at risk, it also means that we indeed need to get back to some sort of normalcy but also have some sanity in The meantime By taking precautions when necessary. It also means that the millions struck with long Covid need proper accommodations for returning to work and to re-acclimate to society as millions are impacted and also unemployed because of it.

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Way too many cases.

Stay Home, avoid Omicron

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Japan on Friday reported 75,966 new coronavirus cases.

HUGE numbers still. Some of the highest in numbers in the last 3 years!

Okinawa also has a giant positivity rate.

Japan's infections are 3 times as that of the US--which has 3 times the population of Japan.

While China has less than 5,000.

It is far from over in Japan, as it continues to bungle along for 3 years.

Elvis is hereSep. 16  10:00 pm JST

There is not a colonel of truth in lockdowns.

You contradict yourself because you say, without a source, lockdowns don't work but:

Elvis is hereSep. 16  08:32 pm JST

China is not expecting an end anytime soon. In fact earlier this year Chinese and US scientists predicted that China risks just over 1.5 million COVID deaths if it drops its tough zero-COVID policy without any safeguards

Here you show evidence of lockdowns working.

And why would China drop its zero covid policy if it is preventing 1.5 million deaths?

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Now that rates are trending downwards and that really hardly anyone in the West wears a mask anymore, isn't it time the Japanese take their masks off? I dont see how it can be healthy to be wearing a mask all day. I sincerely say this.

Secondly, isn't it in our culture and humanity to see a smiling face, and best of all a laughing face? It's a positive daily pick up for our mental health and welfare.

Lastly, wouldn't it be in the best interest of a functioning society for its members of the opposite sex to see a prospective mate's face, possibly leading to marriage and reproducing? Sexual attraction is a very visible matter that no one can deny. We all know the situation in Japan in this regard.

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The masks have become like a psychological crutch. Many now in Japan will have trouble removing them long after Covid is a distant memory. The Japanese media needs to come out hard against masking outdoors and create an environment where people will become stigmatised for wearing them like they do now for not wearing them. A few talents and Jpop bands not wearing masks and speaking out against them outdoors is the only way Japan can move on.

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