Japan reports 77,383 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Thursday reported 77,383 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 8,850 new cases, up 1,791 from Wednesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 17, down four from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 276, down 25 from Wednesday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (5,867), Saitama (5,369), Aichi (4,589), Kanagawa (3,500), Hyogo (3,462), Hokkaido (3,341), Chiba (3,209), Hiroshima (2,371), Fukuoka (2,852), Shizuoka (2,495), Hiroshima (2,371) and Mie (1,799).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 102.

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It would appear from the above update that there are fewer and fewer cases of coronavirus in Tokyo. Coincidentally, the number of comments on these daily updates are also decreasing in number.

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Case numbers are no longer representative, we can see this in the lower testing rate and high positivity. Most importantly serious cases are in decline.

Thankfully we got through with minimal avoidable deaths, a robust healthcare system that had plenty of space for the minority of hospitalizations that were in-patients and the general population being cooperative with vaccines and mask use.

That said, with experience and developments we will probably see further loosening of recommendations, inbound international travel becoming more accessible, a dwindling amount of tests and fewer restrictions pertaining to the virus, despite a likely 8th wave in the fall.

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Case numbers are no longer representative, we can see this in the lower testing rate and high positivity. Most importantly serious cases are in decline.

This. Many I know had some kind of symptom and got tested and we're positive but many didn't bother. Heck, the majority of people don't even have symptoms.

This daily public announcement of numbers has got to stop Japan. Utter meaningless.

And while you're at it get rid of those damned amident room temperature measuring devices that use to take your body temperature(LOL) that are literally everywhere. And alcohol sanitizer! Complete madness.

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Good low numbers. Time for everyone to maintain a PMA ( Positive Mental Attitude), keep healthy, regular vigorous exercise and if overweight it is essential to slim down.

If people think the way to be ‘healthy’ is walk around masked all day like a dippy and take constant vaccines, they are incorrect. It’s the lazy man’s solution,


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It would be more encouraging for the tourism industry if Japan's infection numbers go much lower .. . .

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So the cases fell of their own accord. As we knew would happen despite the usual fear mongers here. Tough times.

Mass vaccinations and widespread masking did absolutely nothing to prevent tens of millions getting covid here. Record numbers. Indeed global record numbers.

Underestimates. Millions of cases going unreported. Millions more unknown given the mildness of the virus for so many, including the recently departed 96yr old Queen. Thanks South Africa.

Our dear Emperor and honourable PM now galavanting around the world. Maskless no less. It's like it was all about face. Saving face. Or, rather, hiding face.

The realisation that you simply can't stop a tidal wave with a piece of cloth from Uniqlo and some hand sanitizer is now upon us. After nearly 3 years.

More are seeing the light in the land of the rising sun. 6.5/82 unmasked in the station this morning. (.5 = chin masked)

Good times.

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