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Japan reports 107,803 new coronavirus cases; 9,635 in Tokyo


Japan on Sunday reported 107,803 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 9,635 new cases, down 2,926 from Saturday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 35, up three from Saturday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 523, up 17 from Saturday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (7,581), Aichi (6,809), Hyogo (5,795), Kanagawa (5,604), Saitama (5,603), Chiba (4,952), Fukuoka (4,924), Hokkaido (4,380), Hiroshima (3,270), Shizuoka (3,220), Kyoto (2,726) and Niigata (2,205).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 216.

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Nice! Back to reality soon!

open up m ove on!

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Case number's in an Omicron world are irrelevant. The Japanese media and certain sectors of society seem obsessed with them. Reminds me of what little old New Zealand was like a few months ago, everyone on the edge of their chair hanging out for the 1pm case number update. It's over Japan, move on like the rest of the world!

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over 6000 cases in Tokyo down from last week and no huge increase’s from the holiday season which some predicted.

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Down 39% compared to the same day last week, and down 61% compared to the same day two weeks ago.

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List the comorbidities and ages of death instead of this constant endless linking of the present Covid virus which is nothing like the original as causes of death!

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180,000 people die every day in the world from all kinds of causes. Whenever did you care about any of them until Covid came along? Look in the mirror, pal!

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Again where is the breakdown of these "hundreds" (rather 2 hundred) dying each day from covid by age and health status?

Or is it merely with covid? There is an important distinction to make here. Given the milder variant, and the extremely high vaccination rate, esp in the groups who are most vulnerable at close to 100pc, we can only presume it's more likely with. This has been the case elsewhere, e.g. in the UK, for the past year. Not sure why it would be different here. The reporting then is not helpful and feeds fear and alarmism. Even when the numbers are relatively v small indeed.

Alternatively we would have to accept the vaccines have failed massively.

What is obvious is the masks haven't worked. The Japanese are not restricting their movements nationally or internationally. Bars and restaurants with no distancing or ventilation are still packed. Border controls are meaningless. Masking kids for 3yrs, and those who work with them, had been a cruel mistake. To continue it is unacceptable. Just think of the impact on their social, emotional and speech development. Yet alone fledgling immune system if the masks actually do anything.

It's time to move on. For the doom mongers who called for lockdowns or claimed death numbers would be off the scale, esp after the holiday period - I know this is hard to take. But it's time to accept that your alarmism was once again misguided. For too long that sentiment has controlled the narrative. The damage that has caused is incalculable. The sooner we try to work on rectifying that the better. Obviously.

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