Town hosting wrecked Fukushima plant may allow partial access in 2020


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You could offer me a palatial estate for free and lifetime guaranteed income for my family and I wouldn't live there. Why, b/c the industry and the government are not to be trusted. If anyone hasn't learned that over the last 7 plus years, I pity them.

Beyond that, Japan is losing population throughout the countryside. Literally 1000s of towns and virtually every prefecture are going to set significant declines in the coming decades. Why in the world is it even necessary to repopulate this region? I understand that some elderly folks just want to live out their golden years in their homes, near their ancestors but beyond that.

It just sounds like the government wants to pretend like nothing ever happened. Bandaging over literally a bleeding sore and pretending all is well. And of course all the while pushing their version of "regulated" nuclear energy.

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Meanwhile, several of the reactors at the wrecked plant are still spewing radiation!

Why would anyone want to live in proximity to that danger?

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Ooh.... just in time for the Olympics!

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If they're gone stay gone, don't go back and be a LDP display piece

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Yeah, no way

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How many billions of yen is being wasted on these folly projects, just to prove that nuclear energy is still safe, and even if you have an almost catastrophic accident, you can just wipe the leaves clean of the life threatening radiation and everything will return to normal.

As jcapan said, other communities are rapidly becoming depopulated that you can fill them up with all all of these displaced people. Try and make a few of the graveyards accessible so they can go and visit their ancestors at Obon, and other events, but don't waste any more money on this farce.

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B-b-b-b-b-but nuclear power is cheap and safe!

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This is SO depressing, so mind numbingly dumb & yeah what a huge waste of funds.

You cant make this nonsense up

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Just want to throw out another point of view....

Some of these people, many elderly, just want to return to their home or the home of their ancestors. Not sure if this is the right way to accomplish this but there should be a mechanism for this to happen. TEPCO can foot the bill.

Exposure to ionizing radiation levels of 5mSv/year is not going to have a major impact on someone in their 60's, 70's, or 80's.

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Several years ago, there was a documentary, which showed some elderly residents had returned to their homes, to collect belongings. The upshot of it was, none of them trusted the government, all citing broken promises, lack of caring and ignoring the needs of the people who were affected.

This is nothing short of too little too late, and does nothing to help anyone.

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Decontamination work has been conducted to make sure radiation levels will be below 20 mSv per year anywhere in the special zone by the spring of 2020. The government eventually aims to lower the levels below 1 mSv per year.

The International Commission on Radiological Protection, or the ICRP, sets radiation exposure under normal situations at 1 mSv per year and says 100 mSv of exposure over a lifetime would increase the possibility of developing cancer by up to 1 percent.

Why would you ever voluntarily do this to yourself? I feel extra bad for any construction works who are pressured into working on this project...or will this be assigned to a "foreign trainee program"?

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I have heard that JR East plans to make the Joban Line fully operational from Iwaki all the way to Sendai in 2020. In fact, they've already started work to make that a reality.

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It’s difficult to believe anything the government is saying about the safety and radiation levels in Fukushima. After all, let’s face it, it’s not the first time the government has lied about safety, is it?

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Jcjapan had said it all.

You really couldnt make this up. The corrupt, N village brown envelope pocketing LDP oyaji sellouts wasting untold mountains of taxpayer money on this useless decontamination " project " then have the nerve to go and tell public they need to raise a sales tax because govt finances are in a bad shape. And the public just takes it all and more ....Japan really has no equal.

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@ sf2k very interesting reading, ill try and follow there up and coming reports, I just wonder how accurate are there readings are in comparison to the J governments reading, ( if there is any)

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They should be forced to watch this 60 Minutes investigative report before they move anywhere near there.

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