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Train stations, airports crowded as New Year holiday exodus begins


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As usual, I left just before the rush. And will return after the rush!

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I really hate traveling over the holidays.

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Transport busy before public holiday. Who'd have thought it.

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Yeah. I'll enjoy the nice peace and quiet of Tokyo.

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What do Americans or the westerners do?

Their employers usually give them a choice - to take one or two days and use their vacation time during another time of the year or to extend their vacation around this time of year.

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What do Americans or the westerners do?

It's not one place with one shoal of fish, mate.

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Surprised that there is huge A, B but no kanji letters next to it.

And what's the rush at this time of year when everyone knows it's going to be chaos!

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This is the most depressing holiday in Japan.

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Missing the usual trains are at 120% clearly people are not travelling as much as they did last year.

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Westerners do so but over 2 weeks time...a bit wiser for taking advantage of "time", that you cannot buy.

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What do Americans or the westerners do? Do they visit their parents in Christmas days? Or is this an oriental tradition?

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