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Tropical storm brings heavy rains, landslide risk to Japan's southwest


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J-alert went off loudly at 3AM. Nakagawa was overflowing its banks

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Okinawa! You have taken all our rain away!!

In Eastern Canada we are having a drought!!!

Little or no rain most of May and now Jume!!!!

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Good to hear. I was a little wet whilst out which was a little bothersome but every cloud has a silver lining. My latter asked me to pop to Izumiya for some rice and they had plenty of lovely foods for half price because people stayed in.

Well I took my chance, as you do and bought her some lovely sushi and a lovely couple of steaks for tomorrows dinner.

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We live in a seaside flat place. Stayed in all day and cooked pork soba noodles and drank some wine.

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Hope your place is in a safe location

I stayed in until 4pm when I had to go out. Was horrible and soooo humid here but rain wasn’t too heavy

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I got messed up trying to get back. The weather warning failed near Wakayama and the Nankai line went down.

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This storm wasn’t a problem at all

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In Hyogo, we had very heavy rain all day and still going on. Flood and landslide warnings.

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I am not underwater yet, the rain is constant, is close to filling 9 containers.

A first.

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we had 3 weeks of rainy south-westerlies here on the Bōsō during April-May.... same intensity as what's outside my windows at the moment. it might intensify overnight, but......

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ts raining during rainy season,what a "surprise"...

Rainy season rain is supposed to be day after day of dismal drizzle, not torrential downpours sweeping across the country.

It’s Typhoon No 2 that’s making the difference. A decade or two ago that would have been surprising, because it isn’t supposed to be typhoon season yet. Climate change in action.

Stay safe, people.

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And here come the landslide reports. Maybe if Japan didn't cover every available sq meter in concrete it wouldn't be such a problem. I lived in Taiwan for years and we had rain like this for days on end but was never much of a problem. Half a day here and cities are inundated.

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Heavy rain Kochi, however 6/7 collection drums will provide essential irrigation for my fruit and veg patches for the parched summer months.

No happy shopping though, along with prices, a soaking on all levels is not fun

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I don't get schools that have kids go there in the morning, get a weather warning and then send them home in the pouring rain. They should keep them until the rain dies down a bit or cancel before coming.

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Consistently heavy rain here in Shiga. 

Some crazy snow up there this past winter, as well!

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Consistently heavy rain here in Shiga. JR trains will stop shortly to allow for repairs to the track this evening. Local schools and unis closing early

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Never fails to amaze me that, when winds are gusting at 90+ km/h, people still dash out to convenience store for a 500 yen plastic umbrella that will be in ribbons within ten minutes of opening it and dumped in the street the next morning.

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Rain is pretty bad in North Osaka/South Kyoto area. Official landslide alerts on the phone. Scared the crap outta me. (The noise, not the content.)

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There is no mention of it being a typhoon.

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Emergency Weather Warning for some prefectures.


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Damn, I’m going to be flying into this. Or stuck for hours and hours in a closed airport at night.

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Just heavy rain across Kansai-not a typhoon at all

Same In the Tokyo area though the rain isn't insane yet

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Heavy rain advisory in Hyogo and landslide advisory are in place. In Kobe-shi elderly persons must evacuate because of the danger of a landslide.

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Just heavy rain across Kansai-not a typhoon at all

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