Tropical storm on course to hit western Japan


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This is in the same area which was seriously flooded last summer. Let us hope that people are ready and some newly-strengthened river banks will hold up to what is threatening.

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I thought swathe was a verb. Swath is a noun. I guess you means large swath of Japan.

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‘Swath’ is more American usage.

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No, I disagree. I’m English. Anyway, keep safe.

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"If I can't get back as planned, the impact on my job could be bad," one man told national broadcaster NHK.

Hate to tell you but you're not THAT important, mate.

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"If I can't get back as planned, the impact on my job could be bad," one man told national broadcaster NHK.

If your job is so tenuous that keeping it depends on the weather, you better find a new job while you are still ahead.

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Yeah just stay in Kansai mate

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Stocked up today on fine sake, beer, ice cream and water so that’s the emergency supplies taken of.

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nandakandamanda: "‘Swath’ is more American usage."

Who the hell cares? It's going to hit a large area, plain and simple. And as per norm, during the holidays. God forbid it be a work day. Stay safe, people. Play some hanafuda or something instead of those camping plans.

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Smith, I was simply answering Tommy63, who cares.

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We can't help howe the Britishe spelle, and should be focussed instead on the storme, which doesn't have such strong winds, but which will dump tons of rain on already soaked areas.

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As of midday, in Kobe there isn’t any problem...just a fair breeze cooling everyone down.

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The wind is up. It won't become a typhoon, heavy tropical storm with a big rain and wind. Probably late tomorrow it will hit Hyogo.

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Where storms are concerned I am into graphics and maps so here we go.....

Currently valid Warnings/Advisories.......

Kochi is on stony ground, so all my potted plants will be confined to the garage. And anything in danger of becoming a flying object nailed down, so to speak. Pets, mine poop themselves at the first sign of thunder so locate to there favourite safe place. Any shopping no time like the present.

By the way Its busy out there.

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