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Tsunami cause no major damage in Japan after Tonga volcano eruption


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Been searching J news sites but no reports on how many ships were flipped by the tsunami here. If 22 ships in Kochi Prefecture alone, then that would make over a hundred nationwide, I am guessing.

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Good news.

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@Hokkaidoboy, you shouldn't worry too much. Most of these ships can be salvage. Plus insurance usually cover the repairs.

Also some ships after they are flip over, they can actually flip back up again on their own after a bit of time. Some do need some assistance but the damage isn't as big as you might assume

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A total of 22 ships in Kochi Prefecture, western Japan, were found to have capsized or drifted.

I am sorry for the owners of those ships (in case they are private yachts or small vessels). But no injuries (major injuries) and loss of life must be thanked.

However, I read today that two women in Peru died when a 2 metres high wave hit them in a coastal city. It's truly sad and terrible that with the distance between Tonga and Peru, these two women had to lose their lives. Truly horrible. I hope their families can be comforted somehow, I know I'm saying it easy, but I sincerely have no words.

What I regret the most is that the Peruvian gov't didn't issue a warning.

Returning to Japan... it is fortunate to be a prepared country. The poor people in Tonga need assistance. Many are missing.

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