Tulips snipped to prevent crowds at Chiba festival


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Tulips are an easy target and can't defend themselves. Why not "snip" (close down) the pachinko parlours?

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your Zen moment for today:  are tulips beautiful if there's no-one there to see them?

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The crisis brought out the worst quality of Japanese people. They don't behave with consideration of others in their minds, like the media love to "praise" about. They have little common sense, expect the government to be their nanny, make decisions for them, but will blame it for any uncomfortable things that resulted in that decisions.

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Damn.... I can just imagine the feelings of the people who actually had to go out there and cut them all off!

While I hate to say it, it probably is the best thing as it seems that the people here really do have to be led around by their noses.

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Crowds will still congregate to take photos of them all snipped, you watch!

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Although I understand why they did it, it's sad that they had to go to these lengths to try to keep people away.

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What idiots restaurants are still open...the golf courses are too so are many Oyaji snacks...but they dont want you to walk in the open air and look at flowers...

7 ( +9 / -2 ),140.2022037,386m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6022888d6f0a67e3:0xefb63068806a418f!8m2!3d35.7407416!4d140.2019653

If you look at where it is and see how easily accessible and visible from multiple public roads it is, you can understand why they did it. It's not like it is fenced off and hidden from street view. The temptation would obviously be too much as everyone thinks they are 'special', and the rules don't apply to them.

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This is stupid. I live not far from there, it would be so easy to stop people visiting, only takes a few plod.


if you truly live near there then you KNOW that it would take 100s of people stationed over a VERY WIDE area over the normal period of viewing  to keep people out of that area!!

One ray of sunshine in this was the idea of snipping the flowers!! As another said a rare thinking out of the box, WELL DONE!

Now the with flowers cut the plants can concentrate all their energy gathering into their bulbs so future festivals should be great!!!

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On a news program, they said there were up to 400 people who went to see the tulips. You want to bet most of these were elderly people who are the greatest risk of getting the virus? Let's hope that the tulips will bloom again and that the people will be able to see them next year. But if people keep spreading this virus and not taking it seriously, it could be here for a long time.

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This is an example of thinking outside of the box. People will flock to the tulip festival. They can a) urge people not to come, b) block off all the roads or c) get rid of the tulips. Carcharodon shows why B is not practical and we’ve seen A doesn’t work. So, C is the only option.

Although, as BurakuminDes points out, now people will rush to take pictures of the beheaded tulips. Hopefully fewer than those who wanted to see the actual flowers.

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Ah, the honorable J-people who will obey the suggestion to stay home, thereby not needing stricter laws in place to force them! But hey, you can't take away hanami, the pub, the hair salon, and evidently masses of tulips... except that now they have had to destroy this beautiful field because people would not stay away and came en masse.

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The word “beheaded” was kind of an overly harsh way of putting it.

but yes if they didn’t do this people would have come. But I do believe that if people are expected to ride packed trains to work they should be able to be outside in nature.

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I understand and support this move to cut the flowers. People need to be sent a message that "when we say stay in the house, we mean YOU stay in the house".

(in defense to the people who still turned up, I bet the ventilation at this tulip park is better than the crowded shopping arcade on the front page of Japan Today)

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I just don't understand people, are they stupid, ignorant, selfish? Japan has the largest population of elderly people in the world.

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Tulips and Sakura will bloom again next year.... there is always HOPE!!!

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What happened to all that "peer pressure" and "Japanese respect for authority" we were told about in previous articles.

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This is stupid. I live not far from there, it would be so easy to stop people visiting, only takes a few plod.

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"build (grow) it and they will come"

Just like the sakura, Everyone came.

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Covidiots not listening to what the authorities are 'urging' them not to do.

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They could have filmed them instead, and mad the footage available on line...

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Also if they blockaded that area in which there are man many rice fields then farmers would not be able to sow those fields!

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As the Dutch have sensibly done:

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This is as stupid as throwing a blanket over every sakura tree to prevent people from seeing the blossoms! All they have to do is close off the areas leading to the place and put up a sign. These people are trying to control the all mighty Mother Nature by trying to hide her beauty! She will not like this one bit!

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How about just closing the park?

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The more I read the news, the more I’m starting to think that people in this so called advance nation, isn’t so smart after all. Japanese people are proving to be really stubborn. It’s really not that important to see tulips. Google it man. Jeez. Stay home!!!

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Japan's image is going so far down the tubes.

Abe has ruined this place,

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Snipped as in using a weed wacker with a rotating blade? Had it been a practical joke would the destruction of property have been forgiven?

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Oh good idea. Now we’ll need a funeral for the flowers, a bunch of protests, mourning, a sermon, and musical remembrances, all by people standing close together...

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A Botanic tragedy. What a pity. Seems like an extreme measure that wasn't very well thought out, yet seemed necessary on the surface. Only time will tell.

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No respect for nature at all.

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