Typhoon expected to make landfall on southwest Japan on Tuesday


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You mean the tropical depression that isn't even a storm?

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Good point Dave. On western weather media they call it a tropical depression, on Japanese TV it’s a full blown typhoon.

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Kochi is experiencing heavy rain, although I must admit the garden needed it.

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I agree. The distinction between typhoon and tropical depression should be recognised - else the reporting cannot be accurate.

Same with hurricanes - they are only refereed to as hurricanes if they are over a certain sustained wind speed.

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"Typhoon Aere"? It is typhoon number 4.

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As a Pacific Islander we always used 74 mph winds as typhoon level, and this is about 20 mph below that.

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Tokyo will be in the eyewall, which is the dangerous part of the storm, Google Hurricane Eyewall Dangers

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@Yrral: It'll have run out of speed before it reaches Tokyo. It'll probably just dump rain all over the capital, making up for the short rainy season, and fizzle out. It's the West side of Japan that'll be in the dangerous zone.

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As others have pointed out, it's no more than a tropical depression. No destructive force winds (50 kt) = not a typhoon.

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While people are referring to wind speeds, is the main damage from typhoons in Japan not usually caused by rainfall?

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This storm will stall near Tokyo for five days,moving little into the weekend,the NE Quadrants of storm is the dangerous,it spun tornadoes,have Tokyo had a tornado,these skycrapers the higher you are the strongest wind will be

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Much ado about nothing. Enjoy the rain that you didn't get during rainy season, plus it will cool things down a bit. When the pressure drops down to 940, call me.

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I have manged to collect four plastic barrels full of rain water, on target for a fifth for the pending scorching summer months

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