Typhoon injures 20 in Kyushu as stronger storm approaches


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For the people in Kyushu or Okinawa that are reading this. Please pack an emergency bag just in case you have to evacuate.

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I think after years and years of typhoons, they know that.

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Kyushu and its wonderful people get battered hard every single year. Like @Aaron says, better be ready. Hope they're all fine.

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After having lived in both Kyushu and southwestern Honshu for over 35 years, it still amazes me how many Japanese citizens do NOT prepare for storms like these. Its ridiculous to assume the population "knows" how to react and prepare to major, repetitive disasters, when the data on injuries and deaths caused by each succeeding disaster clearly shows many are not prepared or just not paying attention.

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It is understandable that people want to take precautions against the pandemic, but at times like this the bigger risk for their lives and health comes from not evacuating opportunely. Hopefully preparations are enough to avoid the biggest problems

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Haishen is now rapidly intensifying to category 5.

Seems common now to have storms reach this maximum category.(e.g. Hurricanes Michael, Dorian and 3 typhoons in 2018)

I predict there will soon be a higher category 6 added to the Saffir–Simpson scale.

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Haishen is now a Cat 5 "Super Typhoon" and is headed towards the Daito islands before a slow curve toward Amami and Kagoshima.

I have a friend who told me when strong typhoons hit the Minami Daito island, the entire island shakes with the winds.

Hopefully folks in mainland/Kyushu heed the advice and prepare early!

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The other one Maysak just destroyed my garden, blew away (about a block) my kids bike rack, tree branches and a bunch of dead insects And a few birds. Took me two days to clean up everything it. This one was no joke, I had to move a tree branch that hit my car and it was hard to stand, it was pretty bad and this one coming is no joke! Being from California where we have pretty much everything except for tornadoes we’re usually very well prepared. I am just surprised how many Japanese people are not prepared for something as big as this in the event of a serious emergency.

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