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65 injured as typhoon hits Japan's mainland

By Behrouz Mehri and Quentin Tyberghien

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I don't understand why isn't any warning at the site for timetable Hyperdia. This site is most used nu tourists. If we were warned we had not stopped at Karakura at our way to Nagoya. Now we are stuck in a uncomfortable hotel :(

Ofcourse we hope everybody stays safe.

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It raked Kyushu, scouring its eastern coast, and will likely pummel Shikoku before forcing its way through Kansai and Kanto, eventually staggering on to Hokkaido. (I just enjoy using verbs to describe typhoon intentions.)

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i wonder what the 3-5 million tourists who don’t speak Japanese, have their flights cancelled, their hotel is booked out tomorrow, no public transport, possible blackouts, all shops and restaurants closed, danger to go outside...what will they do for dinner tonight?

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Is it not difficult to live in Japan? Typhoons attack Japan when rice framers are in the midst of harvesting. Our ancestors have endured violent nature and lived here for long. It might have nurtured our nature of patience and group mind. It takes "gaman" to live in Japan.

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The South generally gets it worse, and by the time it reaches Tokyo, it may simply just be strong Wind and Rain as has often happened in the past. That said, I feel sorry for those down South.

Guess the Japan Equity markets will be down on Monday as we look at the aftermath of this even, and look towards the next one potentially coming our way.

All we need now is a big Earthquake....

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Lucky it wasn't on a weekday or it would be a total ****show.

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At windy.com VERY strong winds forecast for Tokyo bay area - sustained winds of 90kph - gusts over 150kph.

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Bosses be like, "you still coming to work, right?".

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*JR East trains have cancelled, other companies are running modified services in Tokyo.

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It's raining hard, but little wind. I think we missed the worst of it.

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Schopenhauer: "It might have nurtured our nature of patience and group mind. It takes "gaman" to live in Japan."

This is the same thing you were saying during the last typhoon. Japan is not a special "gaman" culture because of disaster, anymore than Indonesia is, a nation that just suffered as devastating a quake as Japan does, has typhoons hit, suffers volcanoes, tsunami, and more. At least, you don't hear too many of them asking to be recognized as a "gaman" culture, which, I might add, is not "gaman".


Stay safe, peeps. Not much in Osaka, yet, besides a lot of rain. Hopefully that's the worst of it, but I doubt it. Still a LOT of houses in my neighborhood that haven't begun to get their roofs fixed from the last time.

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If people stayed inside then injuries would be less!

The number of people walking in high winds here beggars belief....

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Oh man, projected pathway looks like a direct hit, I repeat battleship.

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Well the guy in the pic looks like he's having a grand ol' time...

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Power went off twice in parts of Kanagawa after midnight; pretty windy, could hear metal items being blown down the road. Hope no-one was on their roof fixing things.

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It’s now 2am and it’s been blowing like crazy in Tokyo since 11:30. It’s unusual for a typhoon to blow this long in one area.

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I wish they'd improve the housing stock to use more triangles for structural support due to the strong winds. Would also be good in earthquakes

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Well, it sure hit Tokyo hard. One of the strongest I can remember.

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So do people still need to go to schools and work today?

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yoshisan88: They definitely do here in Osaka. Still gusty, but sunny and warm, with barely a cloud in the sky. It's like the typhoon had been designed to affect Sunday only.

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