Typhoon leaves 1 dead in southwestern Japan


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A slightly misleading headline - with a scale of 1 to 5, this typhoon is barely a category 1 typhoon, slightly more powerful than it's previous status as a tropical storm.

A very useful site during the typhoon season:

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ifd66, you know how the media loves to make things bigger and more sale-able. Japan media is in the same boat as USA/Europe.

We see it daily.

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Just blustery wind and rain here in Yamaguchi.

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Annoying. My flight to Manchester has been postponed three hours. Then again, I’m going via Hong Kong, so I suppose I should be grateful for first-world, free-world problems....

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very heavy rain and stronger winds in the Shimonoseki area now. Also evacuation orders starting to be issued for a storm surge around lunchtime. The surge seem to be in the Inland sea.

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Everyone please be safe.

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Are you ABSOLUTELY certain you didn't leave something up on your roof?

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Thanks for the link ifd66. Here's another useful link that shows ACTUAL wind speed and categorization of storms:

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The new tropical storm coming in bears watching if you’re planning a trip. It’s not strong yet, but the path seems aimed more centrally.

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Its as usual, nothing great about it.

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The new storm I mentioned, Krosa, is still churning, and a lot stronger now. The direction seems to be more toward western Japan than it was.

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