Typhoon leaves 3 dead in Tokyo area: strands 14,000 at Narita


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And this is only the start of typhoon season. Stay safe guys.

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Unbelievable that Japanese companies would not have told workers to stay at home until the typhoon had passed. With no train service how did they expect their workers to get to their jobs? I really felt sorry for all those people lined up trying to get onto a train just to satisfy their stupid companies.

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And we just finished Disaster Day last week. So much for the circus training display last week. Japan still doesn't have a contingency plan for any disaster. One would think that after the Tohoku earthquake, they would have developed one and stressed tested it. Nope. Watching the fiasco yesterday you would have thought that comm'l industry would have had a plan to keep all employees at home so that the city would be clear for first responders and damage assessment teams. If the companies could not operate for a day or even just half a day, then it means that they don't have a BCP. We are in 2019 and they still don't have a BCP...

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It'll be interesting to see if holding the Olympics next year will occur during some typhoons.

Stay safe!

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an 87-year-old man died after a tree toppled on him while he was removing fallen trees on a mountain in Otaki, Chiba Prefecture

And there we go - the mandatory totally-avoidable death by an old man doing something irresponsible in hazardous conditions. Removing fallen trees DURING a typhoon - age 87? Come on.

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And there we go - the mandatory totally-avoidable death by an old man doing something irresponsible in hazardous conditions. Removing fallen trees DURING a typhoon

It doesn't say that he was removing the tree during the typhoon.

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OK Strangerland - I'll bite. Please explain the wisdom of an 87-year-old man moving fallen trees up a mountain.

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It doesn’t say the reason in the article.

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Japanese companies should be held to account for employees leaving at 5am just to get to the office.

Kazumi Kajiwara, 48, said she left her home around 5 a.m. and waited over an hour at Yokohama Station so she could get to work as quickly as possible.

It's not 1945 anymore. This is beyond ridiculous.

Do you want to know there is that mad transport crush mindset in this country? Read above.

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Airport officials provided travelers with blankets and crackers.

Sounds like kindergarten

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Japanese company workers have to try to be there. Its the culture of not being weak minded. You have to try. The boss will say " I made it here, why couldn't you?" or "You will never be (shachou) if you can't think and give your best no matter the situation. Or the boss will phone the employee and say "I'm here, where are you?" Until that stops, we will see those commuters all lined up and waiting.

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I stayed home in the typhoon, and amazingly, I did not wait in any lies or die....

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Wow. In Hawaii, we stay home if the surf comes up or it is raining.

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"You will never be (shachou)"

Yeah, well sadly she would probably never be "shacho" (president) anyway, not even "bucho" (general manager). You may be right, but I really hate the fake carrot lure they use to motivate that employees would have no chance of getting anyway.

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Put power line and telephone lines underground.

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