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U.S., Japanese ships, aircraft search Philippine Sea for 3 missing after crash


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God speed Search and Rescue. God speed.

How long can we be on alert in so many areas of the world? We need diplomats working toward peaceful resolution, or at least peaceful standoff. We don't need more battles.

I absolutely love those who are serving and those who have served. But I am beginning to wonder what is going on. A top tier military such as ours that seems to constantly stub its toes?

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When you routinely fly massive amounts of aircraft off the decks of ship, you're gonna have accidents.

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We need diplomats working toward peaceful resolution, or at least peaceful standoff. We don't need more battles.

Totally true. Except that peaceful resolution doesn't make money. Battles, the threat of battles and protecting us against "them" makes a lot of money. We are in an age where corporate greed is more important than human life.

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Families of the missing may think why their sons have to die in the area on the other side of the globe.

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The Philippine sea has some big ocean swells and even an aircraft carrier will pitch and roll making landing a challenge, you may have to wave off or apply power rapidly and a compressor stall or pitchlocked prop is always an issue. If you lose an engine on final approach - when you are close to stall speed - you will go in. There are only 2 3' square escape hatches in the back - in the ceiling - where up to 28 passengers and crew could be strapped in. (this flight had only 9 in back) Its a miracle that many got out. The airframe will buckle on impact. Considering these aircraft are close to 40 years old its amazing this has not happened yet.

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Next up, organized local protests against the Navy c-2 aircraft

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Michael JacksonToday 09:37 am JST Next up, organized local protests against the Navy c-2 aircraft

They might as well as get a head start. The Navy is going to be replacing these C-2s with,,,,,,Ospreys. No joke.

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Not sure that with all these accidents in the US armed forces the various pipsqueaks that the US routinely bullies are filled with dread.

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People, I served in the Seventh Fleet for 8 years. Accidents happen. The oceans are unforgiving and unexpected incidents have happened and will continue to happen. Lives have been lost. Families are morning. Show some respect!!!

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Guys our thoughts really should be with the families of those who didn't make it instead of pondering how "the us military screwed up yet again."

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@CrazyJoe. All that you wrote may be true but, this aircraft didn't crash whilst attempting to land on the carrier. According to Stars and Stripes; " .....a Navy aircraft went down in the Philippine Sea while en route to the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan."

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Yeah, but you're given a trillion dollar budget to do so.

Navies have been doing this for close to a hundred years.

Training, procedures and protocols should be finely tuned by now.

Excuses only exemplify your embarrassment.

Why should anyone be embarrassed? This was most likely an accident. Machines and people fail regularly, especially when combined with things like bad weather, fatigue, disorientation, etc. which are all factors in accidents involving people's everyday lives. Don't know if you have ever been in an armed force but they train, drill and practice night and day, good or bad weather. Accidents will and do happen regularly. It goes with the territory.

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Cyberterrorism maybe.

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The map of accident site is near southwestern Jape,, Okinawa.... Japan and USA are jointly searching missing three. This news replaced Trump speech.

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Burning Bush

Morning routine, open the blinds, cup of coffee, read about the previous day's USN embarrassment.

This comment of yours takes the cake. Can you be any more callous? If one of the three missing aircrew was one of your loves ones would you want to read this? You should be ashamed of yourself.

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