Vaccination of 14,000 SDF medical staff begins


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Hospitals are at breaking point, where are the SDF?

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Coronavirus vaccinations for around 14,000 medical staff from Japan's Self-Defense Forces began Monday

Maybe I'm getting it wrong, do they mean 14000 medical staff from Japan's Self-Defense Forces?

If so, why 14 thousand JSDF medical staff is vaccinated before civil medical staff? Are we sure we need to vaccinate NOW 14000 medics at JSDF? It's about priorities it seems.

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Hospitals are at breaking point, where are the SDF?

Not yet, usually in the seasonal heat attack season around about the time of the Olympics.

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The government plans to provide the two doses for all 4.8 million medical workers fighting the pandemic in Japan by mid-May.

At the rates vaccination is being done until now it is completely impossible to achieve this goal.

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"Hospitals are at breaking point,"

yeah right at 40% occupancy rate ?

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Let me explain:

USA vacinnate their military much sooner.


Defense of the country. National security. Even if your not at war in matters!

Some countries like China, has used this opportunity to flex, be aggressive against India, Taiwan, surrounding neighbor's.

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I would clap but this is just ridiculously slow.

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