Volcanoes, earthquakes: Is the Ring of Fire alight?


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"This is pretty normal activity for Earth, the media is just reporting on more of them right now,"

So, this said, I guess we can feel safe and start up the Nuclear reactors. (Sarcasm)

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Nope, but social media and the internet are alight.

For those that are old enough to have lived through a time when the internet was not 'online', smartphones and digital cameras obviously did not exist, how did you get all this worldly news?

I know it's almost impossible for anyone under 25 to grasp this concept but TV and maybe radio if you spent a lot of time in the car was really the only 'high tech' way. I mean newspapers weren't really telling you the news but more like telling 'history' in terms of live events unfolding as they occurred.

We're just so connected now that if something happens half way around the world, someone is bound to have a digital camera and an internet connection so that WE WILL ALL HEAR ABOUT IT, whether we want to or not.

More information does not equal more things occurring.

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how many nuclear reactors on the ring of fire map and where are they? Just Japan?

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Despite what's written in this article, something big is brewing. I can feel it like a dog.

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I remember watching the news of the great hanshin quake as a kid and thinking why would people live in such a place... woops!

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"In terms of volcanic history, however, the current activity is still regarded as normal," 

So, what is the point of this article?

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its not rocket science that these things are happening and have always happened. just the world is overpopulated so more people are effected.

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Very beautiful from a distance, close up just terrifying!

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look at the scenario or try this at home- if you have 2 water sink at home and pipes are all connected and then try to open the water faucet and make a soap suds in any sink and observe what will happen to the other sink- thats for you to find out. About mirror be like- These are the representation of the first water sink: aleutian trench, mid america trench and peru chile trench, whom right now having tremors and representation of the 2nd water sink are: java trench, philippine trench, and japan trench whom experiencing eruptions of volcanos. KEEP SAFE EVERYONE!

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