Western Japan rain disaster causes ¥120 bil in agricultural damage


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I am quite sure that even us folks down here will see higher prices for veggies due to this! I hope the people get back on their feet soon!

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Anything to raise prices and make profits, except the consumer.  Always an excuse by the greedy farmers. If farming was such a nonprofit industry then no one would be a farmer.

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I hope the Japanese government do not use this disaster to secretly redistribute those other black bags in Fukushima.

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I wonder how they calculate those yen numbers in what must be a state of some chaos..... its' a pity all government actions don't proceed with such despatch as the compiling of statistics.

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Could it not be more a case of agricultural damage causes rain disaster? Massive efforts are expended in re-shaping the country at the risk of creating unstable landscapes.

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The construction industry however.....

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If farming was such a nonprofit industry then no one would be a farmer. nonprofit is the wrong word its a welfare industry, funded by the taxpayer , they consume about 5% of the annual budget but represent less than 1% of the economy, with taxpayer support many wouldn't be farming

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