World's oldest man dies in Japan at 113


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Oh, the things he must have seen throughout his lifestyle. He would have experienced the full rise, fall, and resurrection of Japan. Hopefully someone recorded all of his experiences in a book somewhere!

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I've read through numerous accounts of people who've lived well past 100 and the common theme is a positive attitude about life. Even indulging in a bit of sweets and alcohol up until their deaths. But their outlook and positivity surely had a lot to do with it. Just going by this guy's picture, he seems in high spirits.

If we all could live such happy lives!

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Very interesting. Sadly my grandfather is 99 going on 100 and now he started to say just let me die. I think he has chronic pain in his knees and cannot hear or see well. In any case, I hope he makes it to his 100th birthday.

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RIP. What an amazing life. They should make a movie about him, living through wars, occupation, economic "miracle", and so on. I hope I too can live to at least 113.

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Long doesn't always mean better.

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Many people now think that maybe Jeanne Calment was a fraud.

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I hope I too can live to at least 113.

I want to live as long as relatively healthy , with mind intact. without any of those you may as well be dead

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Where'd he live?

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Oh, I see town in kanji up there. Ashi yorii...can't read it correctly. 足寄町

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@GyGene: Ashoro,_Hokkaido

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