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A-bomb survivor continues mission for nuclear-free world


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Will never happen, sorry.

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He was a fetus during the bombings and he counts himself as a survivor?

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I'll bring this up again... tell me what the requirements are to be officially named a survivor of the bombings. Simply because you existed in Japan when it happened doesn't qualify you.

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The only way to create a nuclear free world is to use them. No more humans, no more nukes.

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But Abe making Japan an arms dealer they're okay with that I guess

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A nuclear free world will only occur when the world stands up to the US and stops them from bullying, threatening and invading other nations. The US must be stopped as the only nations at present not under US dictatorship are those with nuclear arms, although US allies are under US foreign policy.

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Nice thought, but when you think of some of the nations that have these weapons now and how irrational some of their leaders and people are - North Korea, Pakistan and in the making Iran.

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At this point in our history, the most we can rationally hope for is that nuclear weapons will continue to be seen as so terrible as to be unuseable.

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Andrew Crisp:  "the nations that have these weapons now and how irrational some of their leaders and people are - North Korea, Pakistan and in the making Iran."  You forgot to mention the only nation that has used nuclear weapons against civilians - the US, the most warmongering nation in the past 70 years.

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A-Bombing was a crime against humanity. Especially the second one as the superpower was already proved with the Hiroshima one.

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I wonder whether, we have grown so Populus that Leaders no longer care ?

Instead, if the focus were to be upon the after effects of a modern day Nuclear War, the true reality may sink in... there will be no Winners - neither Regionally, nor Globally - everyone looses.

Psychopathic/Unstable leaders of "Nuclear" nations are the biggest concern nowadays - which makes the likes of Iran, and North Korea way above concern over those in Russia and the US.

And, throw into that, the chances of material falling into the hands of determined Terrorists... then we are faced with having to rank the existing "Nuclear" Nations with Security ability, and raise the threat level accordingly "against" them.

So, one Man's attempt to draw highlights to the A-Bomb events of the past, is a Morally and virtuously commendable attempt at drawing attention to the bigger picture, and I wish him well, regardless if he actually experienced the Bomb blast or not.

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What is sad is a large number of the US population was exposed to radiation after the trinity test. The gadget bomb was exploded at ground level and thus produced more and longer lasting fallout than in Japan. Thus the Americans civilians were victims as well as those in Japan. Again the fallout was worse in America due to the fireball reaching the ground.

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