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Japanese supplement pill recalled after two people die, more than 100 hospitalized


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In addition to the products from Osaka-based Kobayashi, more than 40 products from other companies containing benikoji, including miso paste, crackers and a vinegar dressing, were recalled, starting last week, a government health ministry official said Wednesday.

This is going to be a big deal, benikoji is used for food coloring, fermenting tofu, making sake (especially chinese sake), amongst a plethora of other food products. Kobayashi supposedly produces benikoji that doesn't contain citrinin (the chemical of concern in USA and EU). This can only mean contamination by some other 'unknown' ingredient/chemical/s.

Going to have to throw out a lot of stuff in my pantry, I am particuarly fond of fermented tofu that I use to marinade meat for grilling.

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The supplements industry is one of the biggest scam industries. Just eat a balanced diet with some fruit and vegetables and you’re good.

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“Please stop taking our products, and please do not use them in the future.”

I've also checked their website and they pulled out all the commercials of all their products.

I guess we won't be hearing that "Ah! Kobayashi Seiyaku!" jingle 10x a day anymore, at least for a couple of years to come.

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Just more additives and supplements added to food products during there production, this is world wide problem or scam just to sell more foods. And if you think Japan has a problem, just look at what happens in the USA, the supplements and additives they add to their food is outrageous and scandalous.

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