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Small drone flies into damaged Fukushima reactor for first time to study melted fuel


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Man, it has only taken them 13 years to achieve this.


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↑ Love this ↑

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It has taken them 13 years to fly a drone into the plant, collect tons of contaminated water and eventually release it into the ocean. I am supposed to be so appreciative of that. Back in 2011 they initially chose to refuse other countries help, due to 'Japanese technology' being better, but came crawling back cap in hand a few months later begging for France's and the USA's robots. Totally incompetent fools.

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 France's and the USA's robots.

errr.. sorry to burst your bubble... but radioactive stuff is radioactive. Robots (or any equipment) at that time were not able to operate in those conditions.... but you must know that... robots and electrical machinery are as much as sensitive to radiation as humans are.

Yes special shielding can be use to protect the robots, but that meant at the time more weight that the motors (to move the robots) could not stand... so you needed a bigger heavier robot that could not enter the areas with high radiactivity, in this case because there was no way to fit a big bot in a small whole.

So the reason at the time for not using the French and USA robots was because there would be useless under those conditioins.

The water problem was another matter, the technical teams that was assesing the damange notice the water problem after assesing the disaster area, unfortunately in the real world and util this moment there is no system or machinery that can detect instantly everything everywhere under the conditions that the Fukushima reactor was at that time.

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Great news.

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