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People wearing masks walk outside a brokerage in Tokyo on Monday. Image: REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Abe says Japan developing rapid test kit for new coronavirus


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Testing kit is great. But a vaccine or a cure is ideal. China is now paying a big price for its bad habits

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Vaccine probably years away..still isn't one for the 2003 strain of SARS. A cure? We can't cure any virus yet..only suppress.

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Testing kits can theoretically be ready for mass production in a matter of days, vaccines will require at least months. Nobody is actually expecting vaccines to be used for this outbreak, by the time they are finally available the whole thing would be over one way or another.

A reliable testing kit on the other hand can help controlling the outbreak in time to make a huge impact, so that is what has meaning being prioritized. The genetic sequence is already known and available all over the world so the most straightforward versions of a vaccine are already in development in any lab where molecular biology can be done.

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The name for this virus should be the Karmavirus. You would think that China would have learned its lesson back in 2002/2003 with the SARS outbreak but it seems that China just continued on business as usual allowing those wet markets to breed another outbreak. Yeah, Karmavirus seems appropriate but sadly those who should be suffering aren't and many that wouldn't go to those wet markets are. The world should be disgusted with the Chinese government instead of publicly acknowledging that they are doing such a great job but we know the world can't because China is a bully, a child that can't be told no and one who would do something very stupid if punished. Clearly, this problem will occur again unless China learns from its mistakes. One can only hope.

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Gotta love the govt propaganda machine work here...releasing statements like this to put out a " strong leadership " image of Abe...in charge and in control...lap it up sheeple and dont forget it come next election time.

It's Kyodo, Japan's Pravda, what do you expect? Doubtless there'll be several similar stories on State Broadcaster tonight, too.

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marcelito and Alfie,

Couldn't agree more.

I am sure the state broadcaster will portray the prime minister as being a man who can be trusted to save us all and with having a strong jawline to boot,lol.

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The name for this virus should be the Karmavirus. You would think that China would have learned its lesson back in 2002/2003 with the SARS outbreak but it seems that China just continued on business as usual allowing those wet markets to breed another outbreak

one has to wonder considering the CCP preaches the principle of adhering to the path of peaceful development and the win-win strategy of opening up. No matter which stage of development reached, we will never seek hegemony, expansion or spheres of influence.

IMO the principle means that there was no opening up and was forced to release information despite its best efforts to keep things secret and information flowing truthfully. Guess that is what the CCP means by no matter which stage of development meaning at all costs necessary according to the CCP and well tough luck on the world. That to me sounds not peaceful intentions and this virus is more a bio attack than just carelessness. Somewhere the media may the real truth but cannot release and leaves it up to us to leak it out.

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I was reading this afternoon - apparently some sort of break though in Thailand in treating the virus.

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Hope you are right.

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This could give a very false sense of security due to the two weeks incubation period. People could text negative for the virus and get sick a week later. Adequate quarantine is still the safest and best way to control the spread of this virus.

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Really good move by Japan. Thanks must go to the Japanese government for funding this development - hopefully it is released to clinics within a few weeks. Having people wait to go to major hospitals for testing is dangerous, the virus can spread rapidly.

Any research/development into this horrible virus is progress.

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Great move by Japan. Research and development means big Pharma business.

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Great move by Japan. Research and development means big Pharma business.

and Lives saved by the research and development.

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Rapid test, that's going to take a year or two.

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Ganbare Japan! Abe is always speaking wisdom.

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Well I guess at least he's saying more than the President of China. He seems to be MIA

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JimizoToday  09:12 pm JST

Ganbare Japan! Abe is always speaking wisdom

Yes.... ;)

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If worry than inhale twice daily crashed garlic and wear mask to protect others from bad smell..

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A cure is another matter...

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They're really rushing this one. They've cut the layers of management down to only 12, and reduced the number of meetings to discuss the project's progress to only three per day.

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Incoming news this just in...

Japan is the first country to Isolate the Wuhan virus. It's the first country to cultivate and isolate the coroavirus.

This development is essential to develop vaccines, medicines and test kit.

I'm proud of Japan! they stepped up to challenge and wanted to do more than just quarantine people or wait for it to go away. They've been working day and night to get this done! Thank you to all the researchers involved!

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Mass medical tests with just 98% accuracy usually don't get approved, but in a situation like this, that would be great as they work towards more accurate results.

This is one time when a slow boat from China would be good, provided it is a 14 day trip.

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Let's just wait and see how long it takes to develop and how well it works before we go getting too excited, shall we?

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The CDC has laid out how to test for the virus. Nerds might enjoy this explanation: https://arstechnica.com/science/2020/02/how-does-one-test-for-coronavirus-anyway/

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Most governments have not even announced the viral make up yet....

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CDC got US FDA approval for new coronavirus test kits to be used by US state laboratories.


Results in 4-6 hours. Previously, new coronavirus samples were physically sent to the CDC for testing.

Inside the US, 260 are suspected to have the virus.

Only 11 have been confirmed positive, and 167 have tested negative. The remaining 82 cases are still pending.

About 350 more Hunan US evacuees arrived Wednesday in 2 aircraft at Travis Air Force Base in California. 14 day quarantines are planned.

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