About 40 dogs burned to death at Nara breeding facility


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"Greeder" not breeder!

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Adopt, don't buy. Put an end to this business!

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"A breeding facility".

This is where pups you see in pet shops come from. Meanwhile their mothers are locked into cages, crammed into tiny unheated rooms, and force-bred litter after litter after litter, until they get old or ill, and then they get dumped in a forest or roadside, or killed.

It's beyond a disgrace.

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No one was injured in the blaze at the single-story wooden facility with a floor space of roughly 200 square meters. 

Except for the 40 dogs, you mean, who were burnt alive. But they must not count as sentient beings.

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I know several people who have rescue dogs. A Rottweiler, shibas and a some mix dogs. All are happy. But the breed for home center dogs are too cute and inbreed to be thrown away in the mountain and survive. Usually a young couple gets a puppy, but when the first baby comes, they are out the door.

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How can people escape alive and let 40 dogs die? Not enough care for the animals they profess to take care of. Something is fishy here.

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How can people escape alive 

There is nothing to suggest that there were any people on the premises.

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This type of horrible event happened n South Korea few weeks ago and now in Japan. Whoever responsible for it should be jailed for long term.

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Agreeing with Maria here. There were no injuries, but 40 souls went to heaven.

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