Activists begin annual campaign against Japanese whalers


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Am I the only one who wants these terrorist taken out by a drone or the Japanese Navy?

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Yes, you are :)?

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Godspeed guys. Best of luck!

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Yes, you probably are the only one. Japan seems to define anyone who doesn't bow to its wishes as a terrorist. Real terrorists kill innocent men, women, and children. Real terrorists destroy aircraft in flight, topple buildings, slaughter hundreds in suicide bombings. Real terrorists contemplate acts of violence designed to murder hundreds and thousands of people. Environmentalists who challenge Japan's "research whaling" are not terrorists, they are defenders of a cause. Japanese people should question why their government continues to spend billions of yen each year subsidising a failing industry that employs less than 1000 people.

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Akemi - I feel the same way about the Japanese whale killers using a loophole to kill whales for food. The Japanese fisheries are yet to announce how much of Tohoku money there are gonna use this year to protect their loophole whale hunt. I'm sure the displaced residents of Tohoku and every one that donated to their cause will be thrilled to hear how much of their money will be wasted on this farce.

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Just a matter of time before someone gets killed on one of these photo op ego trips.

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Sea Shepherd will reveal its mystery fourth vessel once the Japanese fleet departs on its mission, Hansen said.

Considering the purchase was done in the open, there's no mystery as to what the ship is. It's an old icebreaker, with reinforced front hull. If they try ramming that into something it won't be nice, especially since they will ignore the rules that say fishing vessels have priority.

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It should be a successful campaign by Sea Shepherd.

Those claiming injuries and violence only towards the whalers are blind.

Both sides have been aggressive, but no-one has been injured, and I don't expect them to be.

The only injury is butt hurt pride...on the side of the Japanese Govt. and whalers.

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Godspeed Sea Sheppard may this be the last whale season.

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My post above:

"Those claiming injuries and violence only towards the whalers are blind."

I meant:

Those claiming injuries and violence only towards Sea Shepherd are blind.

Evidently there are several posters who only see the violentactions of the Sea Shepherd as the Japanese media plays the victim card for the is not the case.

Both sides are aggressive, and the whalers have used military grade weapons to try to bring down a helicopter. The whalers have also fired water cannons at the helicopter and rammed a vessel.

Both sides have used aggression, but clearly the whalers actions is more life-threatening.

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Aggression seems to be the only thing Japanese understand, so be it. They never want to talk fairly with any other nations when they have a plan that benefits them. Thats why they refuse to acknowledge a dispute with China and the same with the Whales. Who are they to dispute international treaties? If you dont like it go back to Imperialism and again be crushed with aggression by everyone else in the world. Go Sea Shepherd!

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Hope they have a great campaign!

whale and dolphin needs to be off the menu

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Keep your hands off our whales. Go find your pet food somewhere else....people of the world.

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great glad too see my donation going towards another ship, soon sea shepherd vessels will outnumber the whalers, this is going to cost the whalers heaps LOL

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Let me correct you, they have purchased the ice breaker so it can follow the nisshin Maru through the ice fields. As the NM has a reinforced hull it can do this the SI cannot and the BB can to some degree but this new vessel will stop the NM escaping by using this tactic. Secondly what maritime rule says fishing vessels have priority? Please show me?

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@Akemi Mokoto - I'm with you, these people are eco-terrorsts and pirates and need to be sunk. @Droll Quarry - hopefully it will be an eco-terrorist @Funnybonesup - ummm no, speak for yourself. I like my whale served with rice and a little soy and no wasabi. So they have my permission to go get me some whale for me to enjoy later. :)

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Funny I thought those who harpoon and kill whales are labelled Eco-terrorists . I did not know that saving whales could be as well.

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Block the whale killers sea shepherd....let them eat cake.

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Good luck Sea Shephard. These so-called science hunts are bogus and need to stop.

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The ongoing deceit that this is "for science" reflects very poorly - and unfairly - on the Japanese people who have little say on its cessation. Just who is making the money to support these expeditions of death?

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