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Afghan evacuees to be allowed into Japan despite COVID border rules


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This measure will give them time to decide which Western country to seek asylum in.

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Key word here is "evacuate". It's going to be awfully hard for these people and their families to gain actual refugee status, or any other status from the Japanese government.

The government here is going to do their best to pass these "evacuees" on to a third country, as soon as possible. Don't be surprised when they are "allowed" into Japan, and then held in near detention status

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refugee means somebody who is escaping from war conflict.

according to valid international law refugees can apply for asylum in first safe country.

i had quick look at google maps. neigbouring Pakistan is safe country as good example.

two questions.

1-why hey did not applied for asylum in Pakistan and want come to Japan-country they have no ties with originally,culturally and in any any point of view?Pakistan in any case looks better choice for me.almost same geographical position,food,culture,religion and yes-its safe country!

2-why refugees may have exception from covid rule?just becase of fact they are refugees?very unafir from my point of view.

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according to valid international law refugees can apply for asylum in first safe country.

i had quick look at google maps. neigbouring Pakistan is safe country as good example.

Pakistan is an example of a "safe" country? Wow. I'd hate to see a dangerous one in that case.

Good for Japan.

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Bad news.

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Afghan staff of Japanese organizations who wish to evacuate from Afghanistan will be granted special permission to enter Japan in an exemption from current COVID-19 border restrictions, government sources said Wednesday.

This concept is not so novel; Biden's administration lets unvaccinated, untested, undocumented migrants flow into the US daily.

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This is the right thing for the J gov to do. Bravo.

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This is nice of Japan even if its been a long wait already to evacuate.

Pakistan i wouldn't consider a safe location for Afghan refugees.

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They'll come to Japan and have a holiday on the taxpayer's dime, while filling out their application forms to go live in the US or UK.

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@Ego Sum Lux Mundi

That'll be good news at least, hope they leave.

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@Thomas Goodtime

Compassion is better spent by keeping the people there and help Afghanistan, no more brain drain.

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@Thomas Goodtime

It has exactly to do with brain drain. These refugees have better chance of improving Afghanistan, not whatever country they try to move to.

And no, these afghans aren't working in the Afghan embassy of Japan, they are running from the Taliban, their government.

Please stop the brain drain.

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@Thomas Goodtime

No, that is not.

The Taliban government needs compassion, not these people.

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The Taliban government and the whole Afghanistan* need compassion, not these refugee people.

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zichi 12:05 pm JST

so often in your posts, you quote your "good book" which is full of examples of helping others. Selective reading, maybe?

How is letting these people into Japan/the West helping them?

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These people should help the Taliban government, not seeking for "safety" while Afghanistan suffers.

That's selfishness!

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are Afghans (especially those who worked with or for foreigners) free to leave the country?

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It's rare that Japan makes any exceptions, in any case. So this looks like they got and order from more powerful organisations like UN. Yet, refugees aren't superhumans, they transmit COVID-19, and shouldn't be let in the Japan. Vaccinated and people that are COVID free can't enter, but refugees with tons of other diseases can.

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These are the legit Afghan government and fought hard for their independence, and the majority of afghans.

So yes, they need compassion, not the "refugees".

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The Taliban is running Afghanistan and they are the legit government.

The whole world is trying to starve and isolate it, it is the one that needs compassion, not any "refugees".

Again, stop the fake morality.

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The Taliban are the legit government of Afghanistan and will decide Afghanistan's future.

The world (mostly the West) is trying to starve it, which is why it needs compassion.

Again, stop with the fake morality. These "refugees" are nothing compared to the actual Afghanistan population and the Taliban.

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@Iron Lad

Free and democratic election do not a country make. The previous Afghan government are american puppets.

The Taliban is ruling all of Afghanistan, and the people support them, thus they are the legit Afghanistan government.

Who cares what the UN says? The fact the UN are starving afghanis and withholding funds means they shouldn't be trusted and should be tried for crimes against humanity.

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Above post is meant for zichi*

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