African swine fever virus detected in luggage at Hokkaido airport


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That's unsettling.

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I don’t think the news is the swine flu. The news is some idiot trying to smuggle sausages into Japan. Hopefully, his penalty is severe enough to make him think twice about doing it again.

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The passenger was asked to abandon the sausages

"I say, would you mind awfully abandoning your sausages?"

It sounds like there was a choice in the matter: surely the sausages were seized and a large fine imposed?

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Good for the Customs officials at the New Chitose Airport finding the sausage! Some people are just not aware of the dangers are they? One of my J friends once packed some summer fireworks into their suitcase and checked in at Narita. The staff caught it as the bag went through the Xray but I was surprised to see my friend oblivious to the danger! Ah!

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That says a lot for food safety in China....

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