After Fukushima, the nuclear industry wonders what's next


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Of course,the start of the nuclear fallout protection agency-there is plenty of money to be made 'protecting' people from fallout!

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Lest we forget:

Workers and technicians, often exposing themselves to mega-doses of radiation, toiled night and day to cool the reactors with water but were unable to stabilise temperatures.

Actually they asked permission to run like rabbits after just three days.

No one was immediately killed, though 150,000 people from the Fukushima district were ultimately forced to flee.

A worker was unaccounter for after the earthquake, and was later found dead at the basement.

It’s not clear how giants in the nuclear industry—GE-Hitachi, Toshiba-Westinghouse, Russia’s Rosatom and France’s Areva—will react to the crisis.

With such a poorly run facility (Onagawa nuclear palnt was also hit by the same tsunami, and was left undamaged because of proper safety measures), why would outsiders have to do anything? Fukushima Daiichi was not a natural disaster, but 100% man made.

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How come there is no mention of W.T.E waste to energy power plants. Everybody creates waste that can be converted to energy. The Trash to steam, waste to energy power plants should be the way to go I would think. Instead of just incinerating waste and not creating energy seems like a waste.

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Chances are very high that even without the tsunami there would have been the same amount of problem (only problem is TEPCO doesn't want to release all information). This quake came as a godsend and I don't mean to insult the many people that lost their lives or are still struggling to catch on. The nuclear industry was going up like it had never done before. Everybody seemed to have forgotten about Chernobyl and still today all research concerning the ill effects on health of the Chernobyl disaster are massively being denied. Let's hope people learn their lesson thoroughly this time: Japan is not a safe place to build nuclear reactors and basically very few places in the world are.

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Back to the drawing boards.

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