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AINU trademark application in China criticized by Japan's indigenous people


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criticized for being an attempt to profit off their culture.

Japanese chased and killed Ainu (info from the AINU museum itself) and are using AINU culture to make profit. So why Japan is not criticized for its crime, atrocity and for turning the AINU culture into a business?? Japanese just are looking for a new excuse to harass Chinese.

wash yourself JAPAN!

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China is in no position to talk about mistreatment of indigenous people. The difference between China and other countries is that they are doing it right now.


China has a known history of usurping trademarks, counterfeiting products, IP theft, everything that is not legal in other countries. This is just another example of the Chinese approach to making a profit in any which way they can get away with.

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It ought to be resisted. Otherwise, the National Ainu museum, and any other undertaking with "Ainu" in the name will soon find itself on the receiving end of lawsuits claiming trademark infringement. And thus begins the erosion of what is surely an intangible national cultural asset.

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OssanAmericaToday  09:09 am JST

main tourist are Chinese In Japan. No Chinese no business.

the number of hotel and business who rely on Chinese tourist is more than critical.

AINU alphabet does not exist in Ainu language. AINU can means anything.

Ainu land has been stolen by Japanese. Would like to hear the Chinese point-of view on this case.

-19 ( +3 / -22 )

Why didn't the article say the nationality of the individual and whether or not he/she is representing a company? Anyway, neither country has a good history in the treatment of minorities, indigenous or otherwise.

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Above all the Japanese government should stick up for its own people.

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Where are the Chinese apologists lurking here? Where's the usual CCP mouthpiece message of the Chinese being the most benevolent people that all can learn from? From appropriating other countries' indigenous cultures to oppressing religious and ethnic minorities to forced reeducation to open racism to people of African descent rivaling that of the US to continuous reneging of agreements most recently that of Hong Kong's semi-autonomy to stealing of non-Chinese intellectual property to false imprisonments to hiding/obscuring/lying about anything related to the coronavirus to false claims of sovereignty over other countries territories such as the West Philippine Sea.

Hmmm...none of those hallmarks of the CCP endear them to me. I'm not including the reasonable Chinese people like my girlfriend who's from Mainland China and absolutely hates the CCP for what they did to her and her family, rather those Chinese and otherwise who continually support the CCP and its malevolent machinations openly and tacitly.

Awaiting the apologists any time now...

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Communist China is simply trying to exploit and make money from Japans protected indigenous minority, the Ainu people. No doubt Communist China will try and flood the soon to be built Ainu Museum with shoddy souvenirs, like mass produced fake statues of bears etc.

Sorry, the Japanese gov't will NOT allow this, Communist China.

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Another example why China is a pain in the a...

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Ignorance is dangerous thing. AINU is Chinese AINU, has nothing to do with Japan, by all international laws. Since when AINU becomes a Japanese thing ?

By the way, don't upset China, because China could revoke the name of Japan.

-11 ( +5 / -16 )

China could revoke the name of Japan

In these dark times, your comedy is needed more than ever.

8 ( +10 / -2 )

Has anyone bothered to check whether the company using the "Ainu" name is using it to mean the indigenous people of northern Japan? Or is it just a word that means one thing in Chinese and another in Japan? Are these traditional Ainu computer pointing devices or traditional Ainu smartphone cases?

Invalid CSRF

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I am Ainu from Russia. But here my people are banned. In Japan, Ainu were recognized by the people in 2008. And the state of Japan must protect our name. From everyone - from the Chinese, from the Americans, from the Russians, from the British - from everyone. We're few. So what? The man is big, weighs one hundred kilograms. He has an organ that leads a thousand times less - one hundred grams. It is not important, is it an organ? If the eye is small, then it is not important? Ainu is the eye of Japan through which she looks at her past. Take images of Emperor Jimmu and look at him. Seers see.

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Jeep Cherokee, Made in China.

Comanche was dropped to be replaced by Gladiator because of push back from the Comanche people.


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Has anyone bothered to check whether the company using the "Ainu" name is using it to mean the indigenous people of northern Japan?

Don't be silly, Bertie. That would be no fun.

Is this not a simple legal issue of what kinds of words can be trademarked and for what purpose rather than a full-blown culture theft? Does the same problem not exist in most countries? "Cherokee" was mentioned above. In the UK, "Iceland" is trademarked by a foodstore chain, and it has caused various issues.

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Note to self... check to see if the word ‘China’ is a registered trademark. :). And Hong Kong, Formosa, Taiwan, etc.

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