Akita dog to be honored for coming to rescue of elderly woman


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Is the old lady still in hospital? is/has she made a full recovery? why was she there in the first place? its lucky that the dog noticed her, there is a very good chance that she could have died of hypothermia. I think the dogwood have had pressured a big fat bone to chew on rather than bit of paper.

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Sorry for the typo, the dog would have had preferred a big fat bone

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Those Akitas are very intelligent-looking dogs. Glad to see they live up to their looks.

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"An Akita dog, a Japanese breed popularized in the U.S. film "Hachiko" starring Richard Gere"

Yeah... Maybe research that one a little more.

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I remember reading about a little dog that her obaachan owner credited for saving her life during the 2011 tsunami when a minute or so before the quake hit she was walking the dog outside and was coming back down the hill on the way back to the house and the dog went nuts, pulling her back uphill. As soon as they reached a safe point, the tsunami came in and destroyed her house.

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That's a remake, Original is Japanese 1987 version starring Great Tatsuya Nakadai.

I would love to see Akita and Labrador Retriever mixed. That would make a really Great breed but prefer medium size.

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