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All routes to Mt Fuji summit open for climbing season


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Together with the route on the Yamanashi Prefecture side, open since July 1

It was also closed until this morning due to the same rockslide that closed the top of the Subashiri route (they share the same top section). Spare a thought for the workmen above 3450m who have been grafting their arses off for the past week or so in this awful weather

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"grafting" = ?

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It means working, usually manual labour. Probably more commonly used in the UK & Antipodes

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Even after breaking both legs over twenty five years ago (ironically in Japan) maybe I can still manage to pull this off.

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@WA4TKG I highly recommend you don't try to climb to the top of Mt. Fuji. Very easy to fall and re-break your leg which might very well require a chopper rescue. Plus the dang thing could erupt again at any time.

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The climbing season for Fuji should be late September through October.

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Officially summer?

I never would have guessed....

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There should be a law that everything you take up with you, you should bring back down. I mean everything, except urine. One side of the Mount is full of what has been emptied from temporary toilets, as these toilets are not lifted and emptied on the ground, after all, millions pick up their dog doos, now pick up your own

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