ANA provides luxury meal experience on parked airplane in Tokyo


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May be this is helping those having phycological issues with flying?

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"ANA provides luxury meal experience on parked airplane in Tokyo"

And how does this help people during the pandemic? And why is the price so high? I thought this was a great idea until I saw the price.

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Surreal. This father has ‘totally lost touch with reality’...

*- “First class meals cost ¥59,800, while business class meals are ¥29,800.*

- Yosuke Kimoto, 42, had a business class meal with his 14year old son.”

Possibly said, ”*This is how we can make ‘National’ news and showcase Our wealth, through extravagance.*”

In the current reality of Japan, what could He possibly be trying to teach his son?

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And how does this help people during the pandemic?

It helps ANA to try to stay afloat and provides to the people who can afford it a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Business and first class diners are good, wines too.

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Why are people so desperate to travel?

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The Food in ANA International First is comparable to a 25-30,000 Yen Meal in an actual Restaurant, especially the beef on an ex-Tokyo flight. 60,000 is a tad steep though EVEN if they do offer the same wine/champagne choices. Has always been free flow Krug in ANA first.

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Are flight attendants serving the meals? Traveling all the way to Haneda and donning their uniforms (and masks) to serve meals aboard the parked plane?

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Who the hell want to have a meal in a closed cabinet ? with NO natural fresh ear?

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This virus has done and continues to do damage, it impacts the ability for people to think.

a bid to utilize its idled aircraft as travel demand has evaporated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Yes , travel demand has evaporated but cargo demand has increased how about using the planes

to fly cargo like KAL and Asiana are doing. Well gesture that we are doing something is more important

than doing something that is really practical and beneficial.

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As long as I don’t have to wear a mask , I’m in!

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I don't even like the tasteless flight meals. I am wondering if suddenly they have started preparing delicious meals?

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First class meals cost 59,800 yen, while business class meals are 29,800 yen.


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I don't think people get that this is to help the airline stay afloat instead of providing a good deal as it costs money to park and pay for service crew.

Food should taste better due to the altitude, but I wonder if they will adjust the flavor due to this.

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Only took the geniuses a year to copy what Singapore Airlines has been doing successfully.

If they had anyone with an inventive brain in the Japanese aviation industry this could have generated them income since 2011 when minimum 10 B787 had been parked permanently all over Haneda for about 7 years with endemic RR engine problems.

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I don't even like the tasteless flight meals. I am wondering if suddenly they have started preparing delicious meals?

Thank you YouTube. I sometimes lie down on the couch and watch 1st class airline videos. I can’t afford $4000 for a 12hr flight, so this actually seems reasonable.

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By all means, let’s all go sit in a metal tube with bad ventilation in the middle of a pandemic. What can possibly go wrong

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Don't understand why I've been down voted. I'm not intending to pay the money for that food and personally have no interest in sitting on a plane for a meal. But I can assure you all that the food really is excellent and far from tasteless. Don't knock what you haven't tried.

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I hope the meal service is over by 8pm and everyone has returned home by 9pm.

Otherwise, this could be really......dangerous.

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Boozing on a plane is a no-no.

Are you serious? It's the best bit!

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If they let me sit in the cockpit for a few minutes, take a few selfies, and it included a new release movie it might be worth it. All you can drink wine too and Wagyu steak. Mmmm.

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I think this is very clever and fun idea. A fun distraction and experience if you have little children. Even if the plan doesn't go anywhere, just going to the airport, boarding a real plane, has to be a really fun experience. This is also a great advertising campaign by ANA. It gives them the opportunity to show off their plane, staff service, etc.

This venue would also be a very unique "date" destination. Haneda airport is minutes from Tokyo so there are places nearby that one could visit to complete the "date". And the subway goes directly into Haneda too which makes it very convenient.

That said, the cost is a bit on the steep side for a family dinner, IMHO, and I think if they really want to attract more people then they are going to have to lower that cost a bit more. Unless they are given some other things (i.e. gifts, vouchers, etc.) then it may be worth it.

Again, I like the idea and I think it's pretty cool. I know I would probably try it at least once. :-)

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