ANA to reroute flights in response to N Korea rocket launch


All Nippon Airways (ANA) will reroute passenger flights over the Yellow Sea due to the danger posed by possible debris from a long-range rocket that North Korea plans to launch this month.

While the United States is repositioning warships to track and possibly defend against a planned North Korean rocket launch which is scheduled for sometime between Dec 10 and 22, ANA, along with several South Korean airlines, announced Thursday that it would reroute flights further west to destinations such as Jakarta and Singapore as a result.

North Korea told China and Singapore that the rocket, purportedly being used to put a satellite into orbit, would be launched in the morning and that its debris would fall into the Yellow Sea and the waters to the east of the Philippines.

ANA said that the proposed route changes are likely to add 5-10 minutes to flight times and that no other flights will be affected by the change.

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Personally l would be more worried about the Japanese and their little missiles hitting a airliner than the nth Korean rocket. Maybe they should close tokyos airports in case the missile crews around Tokyo make a mistake.

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Force NK to reimburse the airlines for the extra fuel needed for the diversion!

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What debris? floating in the air?

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What debris? floating in the air?

The ashes of Kim Jong Il.

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This is not anything out of the ordinary. Most airlines do this routinely when planned launches are announced. You don't want to be flying underneath the missile's flight path if something goes wrong.

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I'm with Outta Here on this while; while it's good ANA's being safe and not sorry, they should in addition ground any flights over and around the the missile batteries positioned in Tokyo -- a much higher chance of being brought down by one of those than rocket fragments over the Yellow Sea. B

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