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ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension


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China will try to maintain "Covid-zero" policy until the party congress in November where Xi will be reelected for a third term as president. Hopefully policies open up after that. Japan and other regional economies need the Chinese economy to start picking up again.

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Opening one way leisure trips only is so puzzling in a "pandemic".

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If you don't visit China once in your lifetime, you're missing the real amazing culture, authentic village food, friendly people who will welcome you free food free stay, overall will be your one of the best moment of your life.

Not the cities, but the countryside.

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Sure Europe opened and I just got back from Paris. Lucky I tested negative. But now that we no longer have tests coming back - my friend came back sick with COVID and her husband got it too but was asymptomatic. And another friend who just left for Italy for a month now has COVID in Italy. So not just because others are not wearing masks that COVID is over. My sister’s friend here in NY just got COVID from a show and her other friend just got COVID being with their group when that man tested positive. It seems like more people I hear are getting it but it’s just a very bad cold or fever. They are all elderly. My friend is now feeling better. She arrived June 25 sick. I just get phone calls from these people.

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@Rodney, I agree with your positives about China, but as an individual raised to oppose Leviathans of every form, including many actions taken by my US government. I will not return to China because I have zero desire to make China's ruling caste richer, and for fear of being pinched in some way by one of China's security forces. China is a leviathan, and if it's joined with its sometimes partner Russia , it is a frighteningly vicious and humongous beast, able to devour larger parts of the planet for the benefits of Chinese and Russian ruling caste members. I have nothing against Chinese people, but like Russians, North Koreans, most Gulf Arabs and Iranians, I am sorry they have to live under brutal police states.

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How are the ones flying from China supose to get home, as ANA only flies passengers out of China

ANA isnt the only carrier flying from Japan to China

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Love China, looking forward to returning.

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Oops @gbr

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@ Rodney

That's four reasons and the fourth is rubbish.

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mark, exactly you hit the nail on the head, it’s very unlikely Japan will ever open as before.

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You're right, lockdowns and border closures are clearly not health related, but why would China or Japan want to prolong it? Control? External threats?

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Hopefully this will help Chinese residents in Japan reunite with family or get back to their homes and lives in Japan. It’s clearly not about opening the floodgates to hoards of Chinese tourists to Ginza again like the bad old days.

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There is no medical reason to block tourism to Japan (there never was - the virus spread across every border block). Globally, it was always political. The rest of the G7 opened up to normal tourism ages OK. Well-vaccinated Japan could have too, but didn't. The substantial win expected for Kishida in the election will sanctify an acceptance of the block. There is no reason to assume that Japan will open to normal tourism again any time soon, or at all. Kishida didn't need to block tourists to improve his popularity in the election because the LDP win Japanese elections regardless.

Covid zero in China will require permanent isolation and extensive quarantine. Japan can run with a hybrid policy of living with the virus domestically, whilst blocking foreign tourists, if it wants to. All regimes are exploiting the pandemic as they wish and will continue to. Politically, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

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ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita


How are the ones flying from China supose to get home, as ANA only flies passengers out of China ?


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Who would willingly travel to China anyways?

China has a fascinating 5000 year culture, absolutely amazing regional foods, breathtaking scenery and friendly people. That might be one reason.

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Since early 2020, when the outbreak began, China has suspended all direct flights between Beijing and every city in Japan with the aim of preventing the virus from entering the country.


Too late

The virus has already spread to Japan from China.

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@Ass. People who have relatives in China but live in Japan. So many of them here

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I am hopping that if and when this damn pandemic is over the 2 nations and other will start opening their borders and can start to live a normal life.

We have had it and the time has come to shake off this pandemic and move on.

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Who would willingly travel to China anyways?

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One way only

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Seems designed to bring Japanese nationals back to Japan.

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