Anime world experiences drawing visitors to Japan


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Still waiting for that Studio Ghibli Theme Park

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"Anime" ... "drawing visitors"

Very droll.

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Sounds like it is aso's project.

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It's right. Disney opened amusement parks all around the world to promote itself. I don't see why Japan (or any other country) can't open theme parks to promote its own pop culture. It's not like the whole world must be forced to embrace only American cartoons and movies. Recently I read some English articles where the writers was "shocked" by the fact that in Japan, the latest Detective Conan movie sold more tickets than Avengers Infinity War. Maybe the Americans should stop thinking the whole world revolves around them. I don't like Marvel movies, I would prefer to watch a Detective Conan movie, honestly.

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Kadokawa and other studios could open their own anime theme parks. Known for Cowboy bebop, haruhi suzumiya, lucky star, and eva).

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