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Another contaminated water leak found at Fukushima nuclear plant


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Fukushima.... is and accident waiting to grow and grow. I wish it were not so but it is inevitable.... it will continue to get worse.... the water problem has to be dealt with and there are very few options. The Ocean is where they will have to release the contaminated water eventually.

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Honestly, this is such a joke it isn't even funny. Leaking tanks, contaiminated ground water, releasing contaiminated water into the ocean... And Japan wants to restart the plants. Unreal. Stop allowing TEPCO to be in charge of this and hire companies that have a clue - and then send the bill to all the exec staff who made millions on their big fat bonuses. And while we're at it, arrest them for their neglegence.

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I fully agree with tmarie! I have to ask; who in the government is TEPCO paying off to allow this circus to continue?

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I wouldnt be surprised if TEPCO creates those leaks deliberately as their storage tanks are full. Seems the first results of this strategy are there already: "12 Fukushima children diagnosed to have thyroid cancer, 15 more suspected to have cancer, “300% up since February” (source: http://fukushima-diary.com/ )

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did not regard the matter as serious.

That is because it follows countless other problems and the public is getting numb to this kind of news. But shame on all of us if we play into tepcos plan and regard leaks of radioactive water into the environment as not serious!!

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Fukushima may as well be Springfield, like the one in The Simpson's! Home Simpson can be called Homer Tepco?? What a bad, bad joke! (Tepco! Not The Simpson's!)

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I fear this is going to honestly be daily news, save that it won't really be news to anyone.

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Are they just copying and pasting the same article everyday and changing the dates?

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Their plan is to make you get "used" to this so you become insensible and it is a very efficient strategy indeed. anyway, they cannot simply do 1 thing right, probably the tanker is a used one coming from the local mob company , with certainly no certification whatsoever in nuclear waste disposal installed in a hurry.

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@Smith, that's not even news, that's fiction. Oh, I can believe there are leaks, but I no longer take any word from Tepco as truth. They have never given honest information.

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" contaiminated water into the ocean... And Japan wants to restart the plants "

Japan most certainly does not want to restart Fukushima 1. That is pure wild phantasy on your part. And the nuclear plants that will (and have to be) restarted are safe and in working order.

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Oooops! We did it again!

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One wonders just how much more "contaminated water leak" information is NOT filtering through to the media!

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I concur,Tepco and the government have yet to be candid with the amount of radiation leaked especially at the very start on 3/11 when radiation leaks needlessly contaminated many people in Fukushima.

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Hi fokes!! When all the Contaminated water leaks into the Water table Their wont be a problem .No more to leak. But the Poisoned water Table hidden Under ground Will be Their for a long time Making any sort of farming Recovery to not happen ever.

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TEPCO is also trying to construct a bypass that would route the water away from the plant and into the ocean. That plan requires the agreement of fishermen who oppose plans to dump 100 tons of groundwater a day from the plant into the sea.

This problem really should be out of the hands of local fishermen and farmers. I grieve for their plight, but decisions made about trying to deal with the Fukushima nuclear plant should be made by national and international independent experts in the field and stringently applied by the government (without necessarily waiting for those presently in charge at TEPCO, who already have a proven history of incompetence, to take action).

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Great to see some of the commentators can see beyond the hardship facing JAPAN. TEPCO or who ever people have issues to sort out, I'm sure they have the ability to persist for as long as it takes. The amount water and level of water to dump is an issue but it's manageable. The fisherman need reasurance with the public but some people would be happier living in the dark ages, but we are not.

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No more plants in Japan!

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''millions of years from now we will all look back and laugh''

TEPCO Executive, Yamashihead
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