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Another cooked bug found in processed food


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Oh my gosh..eww ...i'd freak out if i found a cockroach in my noodles..

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Well, at least it was cooked. Insects made up a large percentage of human's food for the first 100,000 years or so.

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Hey, it was only two centimeters long.

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Eat it fast, so you won't see it.

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what is happening to japan now? (T-T)

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I'm ok with millimeter-sized bug parts in my salad, but a whole bug?

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Bugs in your noodles. That i have never seen so far. Japan is not as clean as they would like the outside world to think about the country. Ego, false pride, arrogance will do you in evrry time.

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Why are these companies not appolgising? Sounds like this is a normal thing

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I wonder if this is a "copycat" incident and this guy has put the bug in the noodles himself?

We found a small, dead bug/larva in a bar of chocolate once. The manufacturer said it happens now and then.

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I freak out if I see a cockroach in my apartment. Mice and rats would be OK, but roaches? Eek! Luckily the cats usually have it faster than me. But finding one in my dish I would never buy that brand again. And likely prevent buying similar foods.

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I got served up a cockroach in a ramen in Umegaoka once, I pointed this out to the owner who fished it out with a spoon and expected that to be the end of the issue...

It wasn't.

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I was very shocked. It is very delicious noodles. I love yakisoba. I dove noodles.

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Cockroach in the noodles? That's nothing ! I've seen rats playing in a ramen shop in Osaka....

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First, I think that it is very gross. There should be a person watching the process of the noodles being made. I will never eat these noodles ever again because it is very sickening to think of bugs in my food. It is a good thing that they recalled all of the noodle packets so no one will never have to see a bug in the noodles anymore. But, maybe someone tried to get the company in trouble by putting the bugs into the noodles when they were being made as a joke to make the company lose the job.

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UK9393 and what happened then? Personally I would have told the owner to eat it yourself, then left the restaurant without paying. If he'd made a scene, it would eventually turn out to be very bad PR for his restaurant.

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If no bugs then worry about pesticides ...

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yea this seems a sign that its healthy food, bugs wouldnt go into some chemical crap.. and what the big deal anyway..humans eat tons of microscopic bugs daily

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This reminds me of the time we walked into a restaurant and as we were bring seated at our table a huge cockroach ran across the pristine white tablecloth. Bugs don't normally bother me at all unless they appear at the table Im about to eat at. But the waiter made a big show of sweeping the table with his hand, searching around on the floor and then reappeared with a big smile and declared "Its ok! Its gone now!" gaaaaaaaahh!

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@Alex Einz nope! Cockroaches feed on just about anything, not just healthy food. That's one of the reasons why they are so tough.

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educate your self! http://health.ninemsn.com.au/whatsgoodforyou/theshow/694458/are-cockroaches-as-dirty-as-we-all-believe

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The US, and I expect Japan, too, has very intricate laws for what is tolerated. The FDA limit for noodles is an average of 1 insect fragment per gram over six sub samples. For apple butter the limit is an average of 5 entire insects per 100g. (Mites and other tiny insects don't count)

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I found a live black caterpillar in my Caesar salad at a family restaurant once. Vigilance for this kind of thing can be slack at times

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