Another nuclear reactor in central Japan to go back online on Wed


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Very good news for consumers as they should see electricity prices go down some.

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cla68, you would think, but ....... don't hold your breath.

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cla68......I,d rather pay an extra few yen and not have an active N-plant in the backyard and so would the majority of Japanese public who are consistently against N-reactor restarts. But since when does LDP govt give a toss about what the public wants? Money and brown envelopes rule.

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Good to hear they are finally coming back online. What an unforgivable waste of time and money leaving them offline for so long

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cla68 - Companies don't tend to drop their prices unless they have to, particularly not Japanese utility companies, which are virtually regional monopolies.

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Electricity prices won't go down but oil and gas imports will so small rise in balance of trade.

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Bad mistake. Shows lack of wisdom.

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just because it is on an active fault line and has had a number of accidents and would destroy Fukui, Shiga, Kyoto and Osaka, doesn't mean it is not such a bad idea.

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Oi, Oi...!!!

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NPPs that use uranium are a real stupid way to boil water. @Goodluck, excellent sarcasm.

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The answer to where the spent fuel from these reactors has never been answered.

The radioactive debris from Fukushima is sitting up on mountains all over Fukushima where it is slowly leaking out of its plastic!

The government in conjunction with Fukushima prefecture has had the novel idea of using it as road fill!

There are future plans to transport it all over Japan for this use.

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Japan is all about making money regardless of the safety of the people. Prices won't go down.

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Kansai electric makes understanding the meter slips, the monthly bill and even if you go online it gets no more easy to decipher all the various charges.

Yes I was checking my meter reading slips which we keep. Two additional charges, one for "renewables" and another for "solar power" but I'm thinking that solar power is the same as renewables so why two charges. Another charge is a fuel surcharge to cover the cost of additional fossil fuel imports.

The unit charge is about ¥20-¥23 per kWh. But when I divide the total charge by my kWh the kWh charges actually works out at ¥27 per kWh, including sales tax.

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