Another security breach at TEPCO nuclear plant uncovered


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This was 6 years ago - is this news ?

time should be spent exposing corrupt LDP

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No surprise there. TEPCO alongside the J-gov are the poster boys for incompetence

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six years ago is when TEPCO promised not to dump radioactive water without the local fishermen consent.

can you see the pattern here?

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I think it's important to put pressure on the companies that would like to run nuclear power plants. Complacency is one of the greatest dangers in this business.

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This an interesting development as biometrics (fingerprint) in addition to the security card (pass) are used to enter protected areas.

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In 2015??? Has the protocols changed since then? Or is Tepco still using dinosaur technology to monitor access? Unbelievable how incompetent these leaders are.

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And the Japanese Government keeps bailing them out. Tax payers subsidize the company for losses and bad decisions and then the company payoffs dividends in a good year. win-win either way for TEPCO. Cronies working together! another day in JCORP. The only problem that management is facing is that TEPCO issues are going beyond Japan and becoming global issues.

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No problem, as nothing happened , wrong access is not in numbers and intentionally out of attack plans and there also is no 100% security possible. The real crime was at that other place, much earlier, when building the wall against the tsunami too low , so that the disastrous amount of sea water could flow into the Fukushima plant and led to stopping of normal operation into uncontrollable nuclear disaster. Catch the ones who wrongly calculated that wall , didn’t check again and OK-ed it.

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If any foreign nation ever decided to SERIOUSLY attack and cripple Japan's infrastructure, steal secrets, etc., all they would have to do is walk in the front door. From Japanese politicians/businessmen who leave laptops with state or company secrets on a car dashboard while they go get drunk at a yakitori (or just fall asleep on a train and leave it there when they wake) to TEPCO once again failing with security, the place doesn't need to be hacked -- they hand anyone the keys.

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In general, just read the top stories in every category on JT.

And the good news is ????

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Maybe in 6 years j-gov will admit corona numbers were forged.

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A further case of unauthorized access at a nuclear power plant on the Sea of Japan coast run by Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc occurred in 2015, it was revealed Sunday.

That was 6 years ago. Really slow news day today?

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That was 6 years ago. Really slow news day today?

Or maybe, just maybe, TEPCOs security is good enough that they had to go back six years to find a violation.

I recall in the mid 1980s waiting to enter a classified brief on a naval station and a Marine Corps officer behind us showed us the ID he used to enter the base. This Marine worked in admin at a nearby Marine Corps Base and made a fake ID that had a photo of Muammar Gaddafi and had Muammar Gaddafi entered in the name block. The gate guard saw a green ID card and waved him through without checking anything.

My wife and another lady at work who has the same last name as my wife has and is also of Chinese ethnicity somehow managed to take each other's ID badges home at night. In the morning both of them used the cards to get back on base and at the time the guards checked photos carefully. But you know how it is, all those Asians look the same to us round-eyes and the guards didn't realize their mistake either time. It was only when they tried to use their badges to log on to their computers and couldn't that they realized the mistake. Like the article it was an honest mistake and nothing sinister was going on.

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