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Anxious passengers wait to leave cruise ship

By Richard CARTER

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Right now, children, women and healthy men should be separated from the ship, and relocate to clean area for continued monitoring.

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What would happen if infected people were confined to a limited space?

More infected people....

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People in Yokohama appeared supportive of the decision to allow the passengers out despite the virus fears.

I highly doubt this here! Even the person the writer quoted here shows no signs of being supportive of the decision to allow them to leave!

"I am sure those people on board must be really worried. I hope they can go back to their normal life soon," said 51-year-old Isamu Habiro.

"As a Yokohama resident, I don't want them to be treated unfairly. I want to cheer for them," Habiro told

Hardly, his concerns are the same as everyone else's but without a doubt, no one wants the virus to spread further around the country!

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I wonder how the people who left on Monday back to their home countries are feeling, as they endure another quarantine? Shoulda waited ka? Leavers' Remorse?

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What would happen if infected people were confined to a limited space?

More infected people....

That's why their nations should have evacuated their citizens very very soon from the ship. Why and what did they wait for?

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Am I the only one who think that in in 1 or 2 weeks we'll have articles about disembarked people that had the corona virus and it was not detected...?

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