Apples losing their crunch to global warming, Japanese study shows


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Japanese apples have never been tart or hard enough.

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Nessie I am in total agreement. I grew up munching my way through Granny Smiths, and was surprised at the pulpy, oversized, overpriced mush that passes for "apple" here in Japan. I love many made-in-Japan fruits, but apples are not on the list.

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Apples are getting sweeter in the UK too. I tried a Granny Smith recently having not had one since childhood because of memories of their sharp flavour.....but no it was bland verging on ....sweet?

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Ain't that the truth! I bought my first batch up here in Hokkaido and they were soft and almost mushy chewing. Quite sad, as they are excellent when they are crunchy and sour tasting.

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This is just plain stupid.

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Ah, I miss Granny Smiths! Apples you can fit in your hand and crunch on.... and that don't cost a few hundred yen for one single apple. I can only eat the apples here if you cut them up. They do have some crunchy varieties, as well as the soft ones, but I still prefer the apples from back home.

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Global warming. Getting pretty evident.

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I still prefer the apples from back home

Sometimes you can find good obscure varieties at fruit stands. I drive with the gf every year to do a sampling. She studied overseas and she says she's never had better apples than she did in England.

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Each time I think I want an apple, go to the shop and have a look, see the price, gawp and give one a grope and feel it mush and leave without buying one. The mrs does buy apples as the kid loves them, I find the darker red the skin is, the mushier they are inside, the lighter red ones tend to be a bit firmer.

But yea, give me a granny smith or a cox's any day please!

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