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Argentina considering withdrawal from 2025 World Expo in Japan


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Argentina is considering withdrawing from the 2025 World Exposition in Osaka, sources close to the matter said Thursday, as the South American country is struggling to secure funding for the construction of its pavilion.

I'll give credit where credit is due.

Milei has said his austerity program is going to hit the poor and middle class badly.

If he carries through with this, this is some gov pork and waste that can rightly be cut.

Japan should take heed with its own people forced to pay for these boondoggles.

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Honestly, I wish a lot of other countries would do the same, forcing this huge boondoggle to be scrapped or scaled down. I'm so sick and tired of these events that cost billions of yen, always have cost overruns and end up being useless for the people of Japan.

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Couple of beef cattle, a gaucho or two, {knife fighting maybe} , some Tango dancers, a reading from Luis Borges books and poems....and add some of the best looking women on the planet.

Got it covered Argies....couple thou' of US dollars and Roberto 's your Uncle.

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The concentration of methane gas is less than one-quarter of the standard stipulated by law, which means that no one has become unwell. That is from another news today. So in fact they have a methane gas problem there at some locations, not so much a number of pavilions problem. Although still no one has become unwell in a short time walking by, but how about long term damages for workers, visitors or pavilion staff?

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Its more like Argentina's situation makes it diplomatically acceptable to withdraw, but I am sure many other countries are already considering not participating or even deciding not to do it, just not on the open yet.

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It's because the Osaka expo mascot is repulsive !

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Good for Argentina. The country is in debt and needs to pay its bills.

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Japan is in massive debt too without enough construction workers to waste on white elephants!

-2 ( +4 / -6 )

Argentinian stocks up nearly 6% yesterday. Some people there have more money than they know what to do with.

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Just recently the government announced it was cutting subsidies for utilities in July. The power companies already announced a significant increase in fees.

Instead of hosting these global events that almost never benefit the everyday guy and gal, use that money for subsidies for the utilities, subsidies for the highways so the criminal fees for using the highways can end ...

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and add some of the best looking women on the planet.

Just don’t ask those beautiful blond blue-eyed Argentinian women how/why their grandparents immigrated to Argentina…. Lol

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With every country that redraws the expo becomes even less relevant and the cost for Japan per participation nation increases and the ( mostly non existent anyway) global exposure diminishes.

The expo will be delayed anyhow but should be cancelled altogether. It is an anachronistic pork and barrel event that only serves politicians and construction companies.

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2025 Wold Expo in Japan will hold, but I often hear news that to ready of Expo is late. I think it have a lot of reasons. First is financial, for example Argentinian. Few years ago COVI-19 attacked in theworld, and coures big damage to countries.

Some countries improve financial, but others remain negitive financial and economy. Second is different of language. Now in Japan there are enogh people that can speak English, as well as it is hard to find construction company. For thease reasons I think there will be more countries declining to open stores at Expos like this in the future.

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