Asahi Kasei confirms data fabrication in 360 buildings


Asahi Kasei Corp has confirmed that its subsidiary Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Corp fabricated piling data in 360 buildings, or 10% of all the piling work done by the company in the past 10 years.

Asahi Kasei revealed on Tuesday that 61 employees of Asahi Kasei Construction Materials had fabricated data in 360 out of 3,052 building projects since 2005, Sankei Shimbun reported.

The 360 buildings include 73 in Tokyo, 53 in Hokkaido, 36 in Kanagawa Prefecture and 31 in Saitama Prefecture. Among them are schools, medical and welfare facilities, and community centers, company officials said.

So far, only one building -- a tilted condo in Yokohama -- has been found to be defective.

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Made in Japan. And the punishment for the corporation? Also made in Japan.

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From 1 employee to 10 to 61 and from 1 building to 360 , and that`s only one company. Lets hear it for the responsible ministry - cant wait for the "stern " warning and "improve business practices " recommendations. Meanwhile the executives responsible will be quietly given golden handshakes and cruise into the balmy retirement sunset。

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And, nobody will go to jail. The company 'may' get a fine, but a few deep bows and 'sincere' apologies and all will be swept under the carpet. Meanwhile, they have possibly 20,000 people living in sub-standard housing who have paid good money for their apartment, which was bought in good faith and they will receive bugger all from it! Cue judge Dread, "I am the law!"

8 ( +9 / -1 )

I don't see any serious discussion of what exactly has gone on here. I suspect it's more along the lines of reams of documentation has to be submitted, most of it unnecessary, so they cut corners on it. Can anyone explain in more detail?

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Are they still saying it's just some random workers deciding to slack off and fabricate data? Pretty unlikely to not be a high level decision with dozens of individuals do the same thing. This company needs to be taken down

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What the number 360 means is that the real number is at least 4-5 times 360 & when you figure in other construction companies the clear SLACKING govt inspectors & this is the tip of the iceberg of ONE aspect of construction.........

In the end the ones who will take the HIT are the people that bought the condo's etc

Once again people of Japan your govt etc treats you like crap!

Boy would I LOVE to be proven wrong!

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Definitely not a new problem....

During the Hanshin (Kobe) earthquake in 1995, around 18 Shinkansen (Bullet Train) bridges collapsed, and their concrete supports and pilings were found to be full of builders' debris - plastic - cardboard - paper - and other junk, and not the expected solid concrete filling. The local builders fond a great way to save on disposal costs!

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The truly galling thing is that the degree to which everything produced here is over-priced is justified by the claim that Japanese products are safer and of superior quality compared to those made by their neighbors.

Wonder how many train lines Abe is going to sell abroad after word of this fraud gets out.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

1) Asahi Kasei is a big conglomerate with its fingers in multiple businesses. It's too much to suggest the company should be wound down over this. It's pile work is probably less than 5% of what it does.

2) Although no one denies that data fabrication should not occur, which specific laws exist for prosecuting anyone over this? People can't be slammed in jail without a legal basis (not to mention a trial).

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