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Asian parents underwrite weak education spending: OECD


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OECD should check why money spending so called advanced countries' children can't achieve the level to be East Asian countries children,

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In Asian Countries the parents are a lot more strict when it comes to education. The reason I think for this disparity in public spending vs. private spending is not because Asian Countries underspend compared to European Countries but because it is very common for parents to supplement their kids' education with private tutoring, at the cost of the child's time to play and socialise.

This way of doing things brings up well educated but emotionally stunted worker bees who's goal will be to work until they drop generating tax for their Country, while breeding future workers.

I see this is as one of the biggest causes of so many suicides and murder-suicides in Countries like Japan, for example the two girls, this week or last, who jumped off a building together. Coming from a European school I doubt I could imagine the stress that is put on Japanese, and other Asian students in terms of education.

When I read that article there was no information about what was put into the suicide note so I'm going to guess at it being stress from over-education being the "straw that broke the camel's back".

However, I do think there needs to be more discipline in European schools, particularly the UK where I am from. Too often those who want to learn are easily dragged down by those who don't because the liberals here made it next to impossible for teachers to instil any discipline, they are not even allowed to send the troublemakers outside unless it is a very serious offence.

I went off on a tangent there but I will also add I think European education itself is on par with Asian education it's just most European parents choose to allow their children time to play and socialise with other children over private tutoring.

All of this of course is just my opinion from what I've seen.

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Here's an article that gives some perspective on the situation (in Korea): http://www.koreabang.com/2014/stories/teaching-ahead-of-the-curriculum-banned-in-korean-schools.html

On average, students learn material 4 years and 2 months ahead of their grade level.

How can anyone afford not going to private institutions when this is the prevailing situation?

I would further argue that the extra 4 years of education does not show. I recently read the book "Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland?" by Pasi Sahlberg and he demostrated that the students in Finland spend less time in school than is the OECD average, yet in the OECD conducted PISA study the country has for a decade been placed among the top performing nations. As an anecdotal piece of evidence, I have not noticed that Korean or Japanese students (no matter which university) were any better than the students elsewhere.

The prominence of private schools is exacerbated by the fact that the cultures of East Asia seem way too focused on numbers and rankings. There is no way to measure who the next Richard Feynman is (who, incidentally, had a high IQ, but not Mensa-level). Any measures will anyway be gamed: the aftermath of Michelle Rhee's term in Washington DC has been filled with accusations of systematic cheating.

It is also worth remembering that in East Asia alma mater matters, possibly more so than anywhere else in the world. If you're a graduate of the University of Tokyo you'll basically be able to land any job you like within the confines of this island, nevermind your major.

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In USA, Korean and Chinese students whose parents speak their native language at home and work in minimum wage type jobs have been super in school for years. USA gave up to do research on this a long time ago. I thought they are brainier than other type of people. Everywhere, top students in USA are children of these poor Asians.

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I thought they are brainier than other type of people. Everywhere, top students in USA are children of these poor Asians. no they just work harder to succeed, as failure will mean moving back into poverty unable to support there families in those countries. there is no one race/nationality that is overall smarter than the other, just some that want or a pressured to succeed more than others

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This is my guess but I think these Asian children love to study and enjoy studying,

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toshiko: This is my guess but I think these Asian children love to study and enjoy studying,

Apparently not the Asian children posting all the "Asian Parent" vids on youtube.


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