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Assemblywomen ask Miyagi governor to take down suggestive PR video


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Quite un sexual in my opinion, and is don't see what the fuss is about.

Its hardly a sexy shot if her. However why does the rice ball get a bloody nose when she touches him?

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Nothing would get me to travel to Fukushima-wasted funding that could have had a real effect.


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They picked a "model" known for her being sexually provocative as well, no way the ol' boy's going to hurt her feelings by taking her down.

Google Dan Mitsu but be careful if you search images, it's NSFW.

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why does the rice ball get a bloody nose when she touches him?

It's a common means in Japan of suggesting unsatisfied male sexual arousal: the blood rushing to various parts of the body until it can no longer be contained. Together with the annoying 'sexy lady' voice (which is actually just annoying), it's probably part of what leads some people to see the video as sexually suggestive.

Pretty lame. The aim seems to be to suggest all Miyagi women are as vapid as the lady in the video, and all the men as dumb as a rice ball. It doesn't make me want to visit Miyagi, quite the opposite.

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It's pretty suggestive. The voice, the lips, she keeps saying kimochi, kimochi desu ka?, when she strokes Kame-san's head it gets bigger, the climax is the omiyage box of white smoke exploding onto his face. The problem is that if you notice this stuff it makes you wonder if you're the one with the dirty mind. lol.

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Wow ok did not know that.

A bloody nose signaling arousal...now Ive heard it all.

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despite what you say, that's GOT to to be more than 15cms

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I'd ask for it to be taken down on the grounds of 'sickening mawkishness'

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Stupid and pointless. The closeups of the hand stroking the rice ball, as well as those of the lips seem unnecessary unless they are supposed to be erotic. And sure, the choice of Dan Mitsu pretty much gives away any supposed hidden meanings.

Yeah, I'll side with the female assembly members on this one.

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They should remake it, using one of the Miyagi Assembly Women as the model.

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I think it should help prevent the "nosebleed" scene.....................................

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She asks the turtle 'can I get on top of you?', then asks him if it feels good in the next cut.

She also mentions 'going' with the rice ball in a suggestively sexual manner, which means to have an orgasm.

Lots of innuendo. I actually enjoyed the commercial.

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I was gonna say this is just pc nation complaining about pc stuff but the people protesting night not be entirely wrong. I think they used that lips scene too much. Specially the last one was totally unnecessary. Also the part where she asked to get on top was not very touristy. Apart from that, the commercial seems alright.

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Traditional Sendai ladies will treat you as their lord and master. Pitched to men, the whole thing is classic av porn, from start to fetish.

Pretty OTT on the sexual symbolism, and heavily ham-fisted, but the daily TV here is full of ads that drag on and on with mind-numbing repetition.

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The video, featuring a well-known model and actress in a kimono

It's Danmitsu.....what do they expect?

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“Hana chi” means you’re ‘excited’ and aroused by something you see as sexual. This is such a lame promo video from the depths of an old mind that views women as ‘objects’ and as a stereotype. I fully support its removal and destruction.

2 ( +4 / -2 )

In a way I wish I hadn't read the article before watching the promo video, because I honestly can't tell if I would have seen it sexually or not. On the other hand, I never would have wasted those two minutes or more of my life if it weren't linked the article I read, because that was a HORRIBLE video, and should be taken down because it makes Miyagi laughable. Unfortunately or fortunately I DID read the article first, so I was searching for sexuality and suggestiveness in it. I found lots of what COULD be sexuality, and the usual old-boys pushing through what they find sexy and acceptable, and why women would take offense, but again, not sure I saw that naturally or because of the article.

So, I didn't see anything terribly sexual about it except from the standpoint of the article... until the end. I have to agree that the end, lips parted and sexual "ah!", is only selling sex, and was completely unnecessary. The rest? her lips coming close to the turtle head, which becomes engorged with blood (the hana-chi), her rubbing the characters head softly while doing the "porn-star mother" voice, the close ups on the other instances of parted lips, the "Kimochiii desune?" int he porn voice, etc., are all things I might be looking too much into because of the content of the article.

Now, all that sad, the reaction of the man to the formal complaints and request is a very typical old-boys' reaction. I hope it gets more attention and is taken down. Not as bad as the busty ama-diver bending over to show her bust, red face after being caught, etc., but still, if people perceive it to be a certain way it should be looked at.

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“Hana chi” means you’re ‘excited’

It's hanaji. The characters are 鼻 hana, and 血 chi, but when put together the 'ch' changes to a 'j'.

one can definately see how a choice of an AV actress

I don't think she's an AV actress.

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I don't find it very suggestive: they could have had her fondling a Kokeshi or something if that was the aim.

My complaint is that I don't feel it shows much of Miyagi: most of it is set in a tatami room which could be anywhere, or shots of the sky. Matsushima is OK, but it's a bit of a tourist trap full of shops selling tat. There is some nice countryside in the prefecture, e.g. around Zao or up the coast, but that wasn't shown at all.

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Maybe they wanted to remove the video because of Mitsu Dan's porn movie history.

The tourism video is pretty lame and don't understand what is her appeal?

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I don't think she's an AV actress.

Should have fact checked myself before posting that. She does indeed have a past in AV.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

O kame san, ue notte mo ii desu ka? :))))

Bwahh hah hah hah hah!


Pretty lame. The aim seems to be to suggest all Miyagi women are as vapid as the lady in the video, and all the men as dumb as a rice ball. It doesn't make me want to visit Miyagi, quite the opposite.

I agree, after being married to one form there, but that is beside the point.

It does make me look forward to more vapid if humorously arousing items and the comments on JT.

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"the video, made with money earmarked for reconstruction (after the March 2011 tsunami), will not convince people elsewhere in the country to visit Miyagi."

From the choice of the main actress and the tone of the video I totally understand those women are feeling like it is more about promoting sex than promoting the region, now if it is made with the money diverted for the reconstruction, I do understand them even more.

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There's a lot more in there if you look, for example in Japan a turtle's head means a penis, etc. (She asks if she can climb onto him and he blushes...)

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she has some messed up teeth. but anyway any PR is good PR, don't bow to the sensitive cupcakes keep it up

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

The video, featuring a well-known model and actress 

Soft-core, porn model, actress, that's stretching it.

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To all the Knockers and Miss readers .

I personally think this add is great and gets across its message very clear .

Not sexual but sensual like having the Love of Food etc

So knockers leave her past alone and be happy with the add as that is all it is a very well constructed add that has created comment and interest.

Its not promoting underage sex or any thing else of a sexual nature so knockers grow up become of age its the twentieth century now.

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"Knockers and Miss."

I have fond memories of that magazine. If it ever existed....

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"...mixed reviews for the video showed the promotional campaign had been successful."

No. Mixed reviews show it's not successful.

Overwhelmingly positive reviews would show it was successful.

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Pretty sure the music is the soundtrack of a late 80s German porn I may have watched in my teens. Can smell a copyright infringement lawsuit!

Don't really get how a promotional video full of not-so thinly veiled sexual references can help 'grow' tourism but I guess am not their target market.

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Remember Suki?

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The video ... also contains some sexually suggestive scenes, including one in which the camera zooms in on her parting lips.

Well, I admit that with that description, I imagined a greatly different scene than the one that actually played.

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Remember Suki?

Been racking my brains but no Suki am afraid ;(

1 ( +2 / -1 )

The head of a turtle is phallic and as she strokes the turtles head (penis for those operating in low context) she asks the turtle, "can I ride on top of you?"

To reach an orgasm in Japanese is a homonym for the verb "to go" and so she says she might just go to Miyagi but the double meaning is that she's saying she's about to reach ecstasy.

She describes the small white confectionary as something that is bulging and says something to the effect "it's getting bigger and bigger."

I couldn't get the part about the piece of meat...it is probably another sexual play on words

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Sexism aside, nothing in the video seems to promote Miyagi at all. A woman patting strange mascots/characters, a bunch of flying men. Is this a fantasy tv show or a serious tourism commercial? Perhaps Miyagi might want to check out real tourism commercials from other prefectures or countries. You know, actually show what Miyagi has to offer rather than just abstract weird fantasy scenarios. Bizarre, and not in a good way.

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