Asylum-seeking Myanmar soccer goalie granted refugee status in Japan


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Let's throw a party !!!

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Good for him! Good action by Japan! - Welcome!! And now, Do Your BEST !!

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Good for him. And good for Japan for recognizing that he would be at risk of execution from the murderous and illegitimate military ruling junta.

Hopefully Pyae Lyan keeps up his soccer. He will be eligible to represent Japan in 4 years.

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Extremely rare, but very good news.

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Yeah sure,they gave it to her just because she did that in front of the whole world in front of an international stage.

We all know that our LDP old boys want to look good by the cover.

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Stay away from Nagoya!

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Yeah, this and the handling of the Belarus athlete in front of the eyes of the world. I'm not fooled one bit.

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Well done, he did things correctly and he was a TRUE REFUGEE

Great to see you say that...then you will also welcome the hundreds of other Myanmar citizens applying for asylum in Japan as TRUE REFUGEES since they are fearing the same military regime, yes ? Awesome.

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He's the one person who'll be granted refugee status this year...

What, you mean he's filled up the quota?

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Thumbs up for allowing him to stay in Japan. There are much more Japanese immigrants in Myanmar then vice versa.

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You seem to be playing Devil’s advocate or you really are extremely insular?

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