At least 11 dead, 3 missing after typhoon floods northern Japan


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What a tragedy. This was one freaky typhoon.

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Will those responsible for the residents of that home be arrested for murder? It seems horrific that the staff would leave them in a flood zome to die.

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It doesn't appear that the caretakers abandoned anyone. It even stated that one resident died in the caretaker's arms. They knew there was a typhoon but I doubt they would have known there would be a chest high flood within 10 minutes. It would be very difficult to evacuate the residents when the typhoon was raging on even if the facility was fully staffed.

At most I would say that the person in charge of the facility (not the lone worker) might have been negligent in having only one staff member there when they knew a typhoon was coming.

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Christopher Pelham

Will those responsible for the residents of that home be arrested for murder

Do you know what murder is? If you do there is no way what you are asking would happen, it likely isn't even negligence. Stuff happens and sometimes that stuff is unprecedented. The staff tried their utmost but communications were cut. Maybe you'd like to suggest the telecommunications companies' officials be tried for murder as well?

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