Atami mudslide evacuees take comfort from hotel accommodations


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That's nice. Hope everything there return back to normal very soon.

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Good job! It is good to see the community helping each other.

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Kudos to them. Japan does disaster well - all really pull together. I say this after having experienced the Kumamoto quakes.

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Good for these hotels offering free rooms and food. Thats real hospitality and community spirit. Foregoing profit to help those in need. Bravo.

When is Japan going to have some luck for once? About time they had a break from never-ending typhoons, landslides, flooding, tsunami, earthquake and deadly blizzards.

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Very nice thing to do and that works also for the hotels since it is a natural way to get good publicity, it definitely make people support the place.

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I am surprised if it is solely altruistic. Surely these hotels hope for, or will be eligible for, some governmental disaster assistance that will repay them for their expenses.

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