Atomic bomb survivors look to G7 summit as 'sliver of hope' for nuclear disarmament


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That's a pretty small sliver. Also they need to be looking to China and Russia.

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All attendees apart from Zelensky have or host or develop or update nuclear weapons.

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Unfortunately it ain't gonna be happening. In fact we have proliferation. The summit should never have been held at Hiroshima. The hypocrisy.

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There is zero hope any of the G7 nations with nuclear weapons are going to give them up. Zero!

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Unfortunately the world is going the opposite direction and becoming more dangerous because of the expiration of nuclear treaties signed by the USA and Russia, China's build up due to pressure from the USA, and North Korea's fast strides in nuclear and missile technology. Add in countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia who want to join in in the fun.

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China's build up due to pressure from the USA

There is no nuclear pressure from the US that wasn't there 30 years ago. What is there is China increasingly bent on actually kicking off WW3.

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Let's just hope current historical Russian weapons & WMD proliferation makes WORLD safer. Russia's helping enhance their Partners Nuclear Deterrence. Great US NATO Ukraine Proxy War dividend if we get lucky for change.

But above Risky if such Partners decide to further proliferate to nonstate actors...Iran probably far riskier than NK in this regard.

India & Pakistan stopped their endless conflicts due to mutual WMD deterrence.

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Let's remember, elected officials have openly spoken in public this Year and Often in Past about justification for pre-emptive nuclear strikes against their 'enemies'.

Anyone can find above by doing a search, hint, VERY small country in Mid-East. Makes WMD disarmament MUCH heavier lift, rather Strong Proliferation Catalyst.

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Nuclear armed US has kept Japan safe for almost 80 years.

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Vacuums (lack of WMDs) create FAR greater risk of conflict, so robust mutual deterrence better path.

Must ensure non-state actors kept FAR away from WMDs

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Nuclear Warheads by Country:

Russia - 6,000

USA - 5,400

China - 350

France - 290

UK - 225

Pakistan - 165

India - 160

Israel - 90

North Korea - 20 to 43

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False hope. These politicians should be ashamed of themselves

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Hiroshima atomic bomb survivors just want as many Americans as possible to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum to understand the extent of the damage and destruction the dropping of an atomic bomb can cause and instantly at that; they expect no words of apology but a commitment from all sides not to use nuclear arsenal in a war.

The total abolition of nuclear weapons is their ultimate goal. But then is a war without using nuclear arsenal OK and permissible? No, of course. One must know that anti-war sentiments permeate all their anti-nuke movement.

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In the first atomic bomb test, it wasn't dropped. The code name for the test was "Trinity."

"Hoisted atop a 100-foot tower, a plutonium device, called "Gadget," detonated at precisely 5:30 am over the New Mexico desert, releasing 18.6 kilotons of power, instantly vaporizing the tower and turning the surrounding asphalt and sand into green glass, called "trinitite." Seconds after the explosion, an enormous blast sent searing heat across the desert, knocking observers to the ground."

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You are welcome to find a better source for this data than ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) which won a Nobel Prize in 2017.

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A large number of Chinese-influenced media and some crazy people may demand an apology or reparations like South Korea.

However, the victims of the atomic bombing and the majority of Japanese citizens do not demand an apology or reparations.

I would really like to see a meeting held in Nanjing, China.

Memorial halls and other facilities were built by the Japanese Communist Party to sell flattery to their home country, and even the president of China has only been there once.

I would like you to verify it. They'll tell you it's a lie.

Nanjing, Unit 731, 38 million casualties (China only)

There are many things that need to be clarified.

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